How To Make Money With Daz Studio — Become a Published Artist with Daz!

Once in a while, you meet somebody lucky enough to do what they love.  They’re good at it, they’re happy, and sometimes, they even get to set their own schedule.  If it seems like luck, it’s not — it often means different and specific work, or a very particular skill set.

That said, there are lots of Published Artists who have been very successful with Daz Studio by creating their own 3D content to sell on Daz’s online Shop.  These artists often started as hobbyists before they capitalized on doing something they loved. Here are some ways to maximize your likelihood to become a Published Artist with Daz Studio:

  1. Get familiar with Daz Studio and products

    If you don’t have an in-depth understanding of Daz Studio, learn more! Dig into the Daz Wiki and Youtube Tutorials to ensure you understand as much as you can. Maximize your chances by making a product that supports 3Delight, Iray, or dForce where possible.
  1. Treat designing 3D content like a full-time job (start with a side gig move to full time)

    It’s best to try out 3D as a part-time hobby and have established sales with Daz before making it your full-time job.  Keep self-imposed deadlines and make sure you can devote 35-40 hours a week to content creation.  There may be weeks with less hours, or more, especially if you have a big project coming up.  When you decide you’re ready to go pro, plan finances according to Daz 3D’s payout scheduling, which pays for products the month following their release.

  2. Create good products with great renders

    Daz chooses new artists primarily off of their renders, so practice your promotional images and ensure that your product looks amazing in renders.  A great render will be enough to get your foot in the door, but functionality is important too, so make sure that your product works well with Starter Essentials characters and poses.  

    Keep in mind, it matters not only how good your product is, but how good it looks, so make sure you can evaluate your own work objectively and present it well.
  1. Think of designing products that don’t exist in the Daz Shop

    Daz 3D looks for, and wants, products that are unlike everything else.  In the Daz Shop, there are thousands of products for people, especially female figures, poses, and clothes.  There is, however, no salamander. There are very few photo-realistic pens. There are very few ceramic-style coffee mugs.  There is no HD chicken drumstick. Find a niche for objects, ideas, or characters you are interested in and make them!

  2. Don’t give up!

    Persistence is absolutely necessary to make it when submitting your own work.  If your initial offerings were rejected, think of them as trial runs and learn how you can submit stronger work, or, perhaps, represent that work better with lighting and composition.  Oftentimes new PAs with Daz have to submit a few times to get a product in the Daz Shop.

    The Daz Forums offer additional resources from Daz PAs and many Daz PAs will be willing to answer questions and offer help with the submission process.  The PA community at Daz 3D is a tight-knit group of talented artists who are friendly, accepting, and happy to offer help, additional tools, and constructive criticism.

    Lastly, keep at it, and go forward with the confidence that accompanies hard work.

  3. When you’re ready, submit some incredible renders or your original product to Daz 3D at community publishing.  Make sure to follow our product submission rules for best chances. Daz is always glad to review new products and wishes you happy submitting!

At Daz 3D, we give our PAs lots of exclusive benefits.  We give all PAs a free Platinum Club Membership, a fifty percent (50%) royalty of the Net Sales Revenue for each product, and confidential protection of their intellectual property.  Plus, Daz 3D gives top seller bonuses to the top 30 Published Artists to reward them for their hard work and outstanding content.

Over twenty years, Daz 3D has paid nearly $100 million to its global network of contributing artists to curate one of the best loved 3D marketplaces in the world.  Start the publishing process by saying hello and sharing your art with Daz 3D today!

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