How To Make Money With Daz Studio — Get Paid to Make Art!

So you’re a Daz Studio Guru, the Best Renderer in the West, or an Image Wizard, but you want to start making some money off of your art.  What should you do?

There are tons of new outlets for 3D artwork that offer pay, but it will ultimately be up to you to figure out how to make money off of your artwork.  Some popular avenues include:

  1. Creating Book/E-Book Covers

    Professionals have been using Daz Studio to create book and e-book covers for quite some time.  With Genesis 8 and continued developments in the 3D art-sphere, your renders look more realistic and stunning than ever, and will look more attractive to anybody shopping for a book cover.

  2. Submit to the Daz Gallery for brand recognition

    If your renders are good enough to capture someone’s eye, post them to the Daz Gallery!  Daz 3D often uses the best recent gallery images in our designs, emails, and newsletters, which is an excellent way to get people familiar with your style or brand and great for your resume!

  3. Post your art regularly on various art channels

    Lots of our most avid users post their art or keep online portfolios of work on ArtStation, DeviantArt and various Reddit avenues, as well as other online art channels. These portfolios are a great way to direct potential clients and customers to your growing folio of awesome original work!
  1. Offer your amazing 3d Art skills online

    Offer freelance services on online freelance service marketplaces.  Sites like Fiverr let you show promotional images and offer your services for a set price, so you can connect with clients and customers who are looking for your particular style.  Once you find a client, begin building a portfolio of your published work to show others your successful work.

  2. Be persistent!

    Don’t limit yourself to just one method, and think about creative avenues that need your 3D artwork.  Take rejection as constructive criticism, and use any feedback to learn what you can do to make your personal artwork more attractive or likely to be purchased.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself ‘out there,’ regardless of consequence — if you don’t champion your artwork, it won’t get noticed.

Of all of these, persistence may be the most important.  You should be the biggest supporter of your own work. Making money with Daz 3D works best when you find your own particular avenues to connect with people who will pay for your art.  Remember, it’s up to you to actively share your unique artistic vision!

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