Top 10 Tips For Beginners With Daz Studio’s Free 3D Art Software

Daz Studio may seem a little intimidating at first, but we’re here to help you start creating your own 3D art for free.  These tips and tricks will help you begin making your own amazing renders with Daz Studio’s free 3D art software.

1. Download the Starter Essentials

Check out our Product Library to find totally free 3D content that helps get you familiar with Daz Studio and our current (awesome) software and products.  This comes with your installation of Daz Studio and includes free models, free 3D environments, free 3D outfits, free 3D hair and more!

2. Do the Daz Studio Tutorial!

The Daz Studio Tutorial auto-loads and takes you step-by-step through how you can start using Daz Studio.  This tutorial is totally free and gets you comfortable with Daz Studio so you can start creating sooner.

3. Grab Some Freebies

Go to to explore our current free 3D Models and other Content.  These change bi-weekly, so check often, and grab everything you can — it’s free!

4. Set daily and weekly goals

Set goals for your creation time.  Daz Studio is fun and intuitive, and making your own art is kind of addictive, so set aside a small amount of time every day or a larger amount per week.  This is your time to make something personal, special, and totally unique!

5. Check out amazing 3D art at the Daz 3D Galleries

Go to the Daz Gallery for all the fun of the museum, minus the price of admission.  Check out amazing Top Images and get inspiration from current users, from new users and hobbyists to professionals!

6. Start thinking art

What do you want to make, and what moves you?  Keep a ‘notes’ tab on your computer (or a retro physical notebook) for ideas that come to you throughout the day.  Think about the world you see as a ‘scene’ and come up with your own ideas for rendering.

7. Think about ‘light’ like an artist

Look at the world around you, and notice where the light sources are.  This may seem silly, but professional directors and photographers have practiced for years to give their scenes and images particular feelings, moods, or messages.  When you know what you want your light to say, visit the Daz Wiki on ‘Lights’ to see how you can make it happen.

8. Consider the ‘composition’ of your renders

Spend some time with the general elements of your final image.  Get familiar with Photograph Composition and Additive and Subtractive Color (Light and Pigments).  Think about your render as a painting, and try and recreate famous paintings with Daz Studio for an exciting exercise.

9. Check out new deals in the Daz Shop

Our premier 3D content grows every day, and the Daz Shop offer daily discounts on new content so you can start building your own 3D library.  Explore our different sales at the top of our store page to find discounted content that will give you a jump start on making 3D art.

10. Don’t get discouraged

If you’re having issues with a creation, don’t despair!  Take time off a project if you need, or find solutions to common problems with our FAQs.  If you have a specific problem, navigate the Daz Wiki for extra assistance. The Daz Wiki has answers for most problems you’ll encounter.

11. Don’t set limits

The only thing holding you back is what you believe you can accomplish.  Daz Studio helps you make 3D art with powerful software and tons of additional models and freebies.  Remember that you are the only person who can make your unique artwork, and that without you, it won’t happen!


There are tons of other resources available to learn how you can use Daz Studio’s free 3D art software.  Don’t forget to check out the Daz Wiki, Beginner’s Steps, and the Daz Forums to learn more and engage with the growing Daz 3D community!

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