Daz 3D & Nifty Gateway

Daz and Nifty Gateway

Daz 3D and Nifty Gateway – an NFT exchange platform – have partnered on the launch of Nifty Gateways’ latest feature, a wallet-to-wallet process for selling NFTs on their platform. Daz 3D’s Non-Fungible People NFT collection was selected as a launch partner to ring in this newest feature. 

The wallet-to-wallet process allows NFT holders to sell directly from their Ethereum-based wallets rather than transferring their NFT to Nifty Gateway first. The lack of this initial transfer immediately saves on gas fees. With all the other features built into the wallet-to-wallet feature, sellers can receive up to 70% of total savings on gas after the final sale and transfer. Sellers will never pay gas to delist their NFTs!

Our users can now easily buy a Non-Fungible People NFT where they want, how they want, without the need to use cryptocurrency. This ease will allow Daz to welcome a new, broader range of users – including first-time NFT purchasers – for Non-Fungible People and our other upcoming collections. 

Security is a Key Feature

Nifty Gateways’ wallet-to-wallet process is much safer. When a holder transfers their NFT to another wallet after a sale, all listings are automatically canceled, so the stale listing issue that has led to thousands of ETH worth of NFTs getting stolen on other platforms is not an issue. 

Daz 3D prioritizes protecting NFT buyers by listing on the safest and most reliable marketplaces available. Nifty Gateway’s new feature offers that kind of security and experience.

“We at Nifty Gateway consider ourselves builders like Daz 3D, and we have taken a totally different approach to building an NFT marketplace,” says the team at Nifty Gateway. “We have emphasized cost, reliability, and safety. We are so excited to team up with Daz 3D to drive the new wallet-to-wallet feature home. We know Non-Fungible People sellers and buyers will love the experience and benefits of our wallet-to-wallet feature.”

You can view and purchase Non-Fungible People NFTs on Nifty Gateway here.

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