Supporting Asian and Pacific Islander Artists for AAPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, and Daz 3D celebrates the unique perspective every artist shares through their art. They bring awareness to cultures and people of all backgrounds and walks of life so each of us can see the world through a new lens. 

We honor the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders within the United States and their resilience and determination to combat discrimination. AAPI artists have been an influential part of the Daz community and the 3D community as a whole over the years, and we’re proud to highlight them and their rich cultures this month and support them year round.

How You Can Support AAPI Artists

We’re grateful to work with AAPI Published Artists to bring beautifully-crafted 3D assets to the Daz online store. Their unique style and creativity offer a wide variety of products inspired by both contemporary and traditional AAPI cultures and span an array of genres that anyone can use in their own art. The AAPI Bundle is one set among many others that celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander heritage.

Polish, a Daz Published Artist, told us a bit about how his upbringing and culture has influenced his work. “As a CG artist, I like game art, movies, and all contemporary art like other fellow artists. I think what makes me different is that my Confucian cultural background has an important influence on my artistic journey. Inclusive thinking, being down-to-earth and hardworking, and continuous learning from others no matter when and where — these qualities that were taught to me when I was a child enable me to understand and learn various artistic styles and themes rather fast, and then integrate everything I learn into my daily practice and artistic creation. You can always find something worth learning from any art piece, whether it’s a masterpiece from a great artist or a student who is just getting started. This allows me to learn very quickly and grow into who I am today. And I’m sure it will help me continue to grow into a better CG artist.”

We wholeheartedly agree that we can learn from every piece of art, as well as the artist behind it, and will always share and honor those stories. Engaging with AAPI artists in the Daz Gallery and on social media by liking, commenting, or sharing goes a long way to show appreciation for the countless hours artists spend honing their skills and cultivating their style. 

Broadening the Scope

We have over 2000 Published Artists in 60+ countries across the globe of various ethnicities, languages, and cultures — and each has beautiful stories to tell. Buying assets by AAPI artists and creating diverse art are wonderful ways to support the community, and we encourage everyone to lend their support in any way they can. Shop at AAPI-owned businesses in your area, engage with them online, and offer your solidarity. Together, we hope to nurture inclusive communities both in and out of the metaverse.

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