DazCentral, Your New Content Manager

DazCentral is the new content manager from Daz 3D.  Because managing Daz Studio 3D content can be… difficult, we made a simple, clean, and easy-to-use Content Manager that combines upgraded storing and sorting capabilities with an intuitive user interface.


DazCentral comes with exciting updates like enhanced sorting capabilities for content and One-Click open directly into Studio.  DazCentral’s new features include:

  1. One-Click Open
    You asked for it, Daz built it.  Open your 3D content directly into Studio with (yeah, you guessed it) one click.
  2. Easy Content Sorting
    The ‘My Assets’ tab sorts your content by Name, Order Date, or Size so you can find your 3D models quicker.
  3. Plug-in Capabilities
    DazCentral comes with a framework for you to manage and update your Daz Plug-ins so you can do more with your content.
  4. A Sleek User Interface
    By which we mean, DazCentral looks good, it works great, and it’s intuitive and easy to use.



Why you should get DazCentral

Just like Studio and Hexagon, DazCentral is powerful, easy to use, and totally free.  This Content Managing wizard makes importing your content into Studio a breeze, and delivers tutorials and other helpful links right when you need them.

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Things you might be wondering about:

Can I still use the Daz Install Manager (DIM)?

Absolutely!  DazCentral is to offer another Content Manager to users who may not have as much experience with the DIM, or are unfamiliar with the DIM’s processes.  DazCentral and DIM cannot currently run at the same time.

Can I use both DazCentral and the DIM?

You can certainly do so, but not concurrently. DazCentral will not only detect what content is installed through DIM, but also automatically read and install to that path.

For additional information, check out the DazCentral page and DazCentral FAQs.

Get DazCentral today!

Note: As installing DazCentral may require a restart of your computer, we recommend you save your work and exit programs before installation.
  • I would be nice if you could add variables such as (type of content, specific character used for, etc)
    But i do love the graphics but it doesn’t really “open” up that character to begin working with.
    It is nice to see Daz3D making Graphic Software actually look more graphicy instead of some windows 1.1 gui popup.

  • I like Daz Central but is this PC only? And since you rolled this out I now get an error message on my Mac now saying that I need a valid PostgreSQL connection. So I can’t see ANY of my purchased assets. I hope you are not moving away from Apple computers as many creative do use more than just PCs.

    • As stated in the above blog post, DazCentral is currently only supported on PC. We know that many designers and artists prefer the Mac OS, which is why we’re working on developing DazCentral for Mac. And, like the blog post says, it’s coming. In fact, it’s getting closer – should be here pretty soon… 😉

  • Steve Anderson says:

    just downloaded and installed. All assets are listed as “install” ?? installed 1 and turned to “open” which brought me to file. Do I have to install everything ? Where is select all button ?? The old DIM showes all files are already installed.

  • Benoit Landry says:

    I recently started using ubuntu and with the latest Wine improvement i can run Daz studio almost flawlesly,would be nice if you could make a wine prefix profile to make it run perfectly since mac is basically a modded linux kernel shouldnt be complicated isnt. p.s lot of your user stick to windows only because they cant run daz on linux but would so the move if they could. Iray work but only cpu showing.

  • Shadow Anon says:

    Downloaded the Daz 3D Studio 64 Bit for the Mac. Including the DIM. I could make a new character. None of the content that was installed with Daz was visible. My system runs Catalina. Joined a Facebook forum and had followed all instructions for the install. Nothing worked. Except for the very basics. Having stepped away from Daz and Facebook. I have found a lot of users are having trouble with Daz and the Mac version. The product looks good. Have seen the result in some of the game I play. However this does not help me in any way. To get nearer to a working product I can use. Are there any updates coming for Mac so that I too can enjoy this product???

  • sob, so my story is a sad one, I only have a 32 not a 64. I love Daz and I know that one day, some day over the rainbow I might be able to manage to buy a new 64 who knows what the future holds. Did we ever guess in a million years we would be hostage to a virus. Any way I might sound glib and light, but if you could may just kindly, out of the goodness of your Daz Hearts see your way to creating a 32 Daz Central I would be ecstatic. I know you probably gasp in horror that any one should be so archaic as to only have a 32, I wouldn’t even know if I could upgrade the baby to a 64. Yours in desperation.

  • Is there a way to ‘install all’ as opposed to each item at a time? I have hundreds of items to download and it seems like I can’t just select all

  • Can I work off-line with DAZ central? Can I add off-line files and work with them? Or I must install all props again from cload? If I try add external library and add offline files here I have problem .. files are not found and I have to install them

  • DAZStudio will still not open on my Mac with Big Sur. I’m getting the same warning as before: You do not have permission to open the application “DAZStudio” even though this is my home computer and permissions look like they are unlocked. I’d love it if someone could speak to me and talk me through this. Thanks.

    • There are some freebies included with new accounts to get you started, but it’s better to think of it as a library containing your Daz Studio content. DazCentral will display items you own on the account you used to sign in. To expand your library, check out the Daz 3D Store!

  • It does not work. I had to manually install almost everything. So from now on, I just download the zip file and install everything myself. It’s a lot easier for me. Because I know my product will be where I installed it.

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