Daz 3D and Atari Collaborate to Develop the Future of Web3

Daz 3D has announced a multi-project partnership with Atari to expand both companies’ Web3 activations, beginning with the collaboration on the Fight Back Apes NFT collection. Daz 3D will use its 20+ years of experience in the 3D modeling industry to create high-quality, one-of-a-kind digital collectibles inspired by and true to Atari’s storied brand.

On October 5, 2022, Fight Back Ape traits, including the Atari-branded items, will drop as NFTs on the Coinbase NFT marketplace. On October 21, 2022, the Fight Back Apes collection will drop with each Atari trait owner receiving a Fight Back Apes NFT that features their owned trait. These PFPs will include the Atari logo as an eye color, clothing with branding from Atari’s popular and historic games, and special props based on Atari hardware including cartridges and joysticks. The Fight Back Apes story will also be a part of Atari’s metaverse. 

Fight Back Apes began as the Evolved Apes NFT project in September 2021. It sold out in just one week after forming a large online community, including many first-time NFT investors. But investors in the original Evolved Apes collection ultimately felt defrauded when the project leaders abandoned the project and disappeared after making millions of dollars from the launch. 

Following this event, the Evolved Apes community reformed as Fight Back Apes. Hearing about the scam and seeing the passion of the community, Daz 3D teamed up with Fight Back Apes to offer their support and resources to rebuild the project.

“Daz 3D and Atari both have massive track records in leading innovation in technology, and I’m so excited about bringing both of our expertise together to create the future of Web3,”  said Tyler Lewison, Vice President of Growth and Partnerships at Daz 3D. “I can’t wait for people to see the collaboration between Atari and Fight Back Apes. The details of the traits are incredible and will certainly please everyone with a history with Atari. We are thrilled to bring value back to the rug pulled community, and having a partner like Atari adds even more value.”

“For 50 years, Atari has pushed the envelope of what’s possible with technology, inspiring generations to create and discover,” said Tyler Drewitz, Director of Atari X. “Daz 3D has creators at its core with an impressive history of innovation, and we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with them on Web3 innovations. Together, we are creating new ways to interact and collaborate with players and fans of our brand in the metaverse starting with Fight Back Apes.”

Learn more about Fight Back Apes and Atari on Twitter and Discord and visit the exclusive presale drop page and the collection drop page on Coinbase NFT.

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