A First Look at What’s Coming in Genesis 9

Update: Victoria 9 HD and the Victoria 9 HD Intro Bundle are available now!

We just announced the upcoming release of the next evolution in Daz Studio figure technology: Genesis 9. If you missed it, our favorite host Jay Versluis showed off some of the new features in a livestream starring Victoria 9 HD. 

Genesis 9 is slated for release in mid-October, and you can be among the first to go hands-on by preordering the Victoria 9 HD Bundle — more on that later. First, let’s take a look at just a few of the many advancements we’re bringing to the table with the all-new Genesis 9 figure. 

One Unified Figure 

The base Genesis 9 figure stands at a near-perfect average between masculine and feminine shapes. One of our many goals with Genesis 9 was to streamline the character creation process and introduce effortless shape blending and diversity.

Genesis 9 Unified Figure

Genesis 9’s re-engineered, unified figure also creates room for more versatile add-on content, like morphs, clothing, hair, accessories, etc, making it more useful across a spectrum of shapes. Unlock your creativity with boundless blendability. 

More Lifelike Than Ever

Genesis 9 brings double the mesh density and 8K HD materials, making the stars of your scenes more lifelike than ever — no HD add-on required! In fact, thanks to the advancements coming with Genesis 9, Victoria 9 is the first character to include an HD morph as part of her base character. 

Victoria 9 detail

Alongside high-resolution materials and overhauled topology, you can expect:

  • More detailed mouth textures and shapes
  • Higher quality eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows
  • Less stylized, more natural postures
  • And so much more!

In addition, Genesis 9 measurements have been meticulously crafted to match real-world averages (eye size, pupil distance, head, and body). Paired with the new Proportions System, creating and customizing realistic characters has never been easier. 

Asymmetry Morphs

There is beauty in symmetry, but nobody is perfectly symmetrical. Genesis 9 asymmetry morphs acknowledge and embrace unique body features by allowing you to add more “character” to your character. Resize and scale individual meshes, bend them, blow them up, you name it.

As a bonus, character artists and creators can speed up their workflow by creating in symmetry and dialing in asymmetry morphs afterward. 

Preorder Victoria 9 HD To Get Free Genesis 9 Items

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience the next generation of Daz Studio figure technology. Learn more about Genesis 9 and get Victoria 9 HD today!

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