A Guide to Backgrounds from 3D Asset Library

The background is essential to the composition of your 3D image. It creates a specific visual scene to help emphasize the subject and tell your story.

 Daz 3D gives you access to a 3D asset library to add backgrounds easily to any project. So whether it’s for animation, virtual or augmented reality, or visualization, you can find the right props, facades, and environments to complete the scene.

How to Take Your Content to the Next Level with Backgrounds

Besides setting the stage for your design project, the perfect background takes your work to the next level. Here’s how you do it:

Tell a Story

In photography, the background can make or break an image. The same applies to your design.

Without a compelling backdrop, there’s no clear context for your image. As a result, viewers can’t pick up on the message you want to convey or the emotions you aim to evoke.

If you want to give them a scare, a dimly lit, eerie background sets the tone. When you use a sandy beach backdrop complete with swaying coconut trees and rolling waves, you’ve created a more relaxing environment.

Fill the Frame

When you feel something is lacking with your design, adding the right elements and small details in the background fills out the empty spaces in the frame. This is where the free 3D asset library comes in handy.     

Sometimes the wrong background can be a little distracting, shifting the viewer’s attention away from your focal point. Tone down the use of props or slightly blur the scene for an effective design composition.

Create Depth & Contrast

Even if the subject in your project is 3D, it can still appear flat without a background. That’s not appealing.

Fixing the problem isn’t as simple as inserting the backdrop, though. To make the image realistic, you’ll need to consider perspective to depict spatial depth. Apply the right lighting and contrast to help the subject stand out in the foreground.

What Are Your Options for Using Different Backgrounds in Daz 3D?

When you use Daz Studio, you’ll have access to hundreds of backgrounds available in our extensive 3D asset library. Set the tone with the following preset themes:


Create a world where fantasy becomes a reality with stunning renders of a mystical place. You can place your character in a dreamlike environment or complete your animation or virtual reality scene with a breathtaking backdrop.

Whether your fantasy setting is medieval or modern, you’ll find the perfect picturesque background.


Dreaming of interplanetary travel, robots, spaceships, and aliens? Bring them to life and choose from over a hundred presets and elements you can adjust to create the perfect sci-fi setting.

How about visualizing the living room or botanical laboratory of your intergalactic-traveling home? Or, go a little farther and create an entire galaxy from the ground up.


Slowly build up suspense and tension in a scene with a creepy, abandoned environment.

Make the setting all the more chilling with the background of a rundown hospital or decrepit asylum, or an empty corridor where something terrifying awaits just around the corner.

Natural Environment

Want to see how your characters look outdoors or help your clients visualize how their home would look in the winter? Set the backdrop for a perfect wintry scene.

Whatever the season, terrain, or features, you’ll find the right natural environment to complete your image. It can be in the middle of a desert, at the foot of a mountain, or by the shore—the possibilities are endless.  

Architectural Exteriors

How about placing your characters in more lifelike scenarios? Choose from 3D renders of real places, complete with structures and elements populating the scene.

You can also choose from 2D sceneries as backdrop fillers—a breathtaking view of the city through the window or from a balcony.

Create More with Daz 3D

Choose to create your background with Daz Studio from the ground up or select from Daz’s extensive 3D asset library. Go ahead and experiment—we have thousands of assets you can use to produce photorealistic backdrops to set the perfect scene for your project. 

Take your creativity to the next level and join our community of creators as they discuss adding background images to their designs. Some of their tried-and-tested tips will help speed up your creative process on Daz Studio.

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