5 Epic Spy Scenes you can make with Daz Studio

Are you trying to get the Thunderball rolling on a new 3D spy scene? Tired of making renders that are For Your Eyes Only? Do you ever feel like your spy World Is Not Enough, or that you want to make renders that will knock The Living Daylights out of other spy scenes with a License to Kill?

Get Smart with these 5 epic styles of spy scenes that will turn your mission impossible into a roaring success. The difference in your renders will be Knight and Day, and instead of being Dr. No when it comes to making Top Secret! scenes with Daz Studio, you’ll Never Say Never Again.


5 Epic Spy Scene Styles

  1. The Love Scene
    The two of them meet. This is at a fancy party or in a market, during a coordination between two countries’ intelligence agencies or in a casino. The point is, he’s attractive and fit, and she’s often hiding some secret…The Love Scene is an iconic inclusion in the Spy genre, and usually involves two spies who are trying to stop megalomaniacs from nefarious plans and who, over the course of several days, develop feelings for one another. Then they have one scene where they’re talking all alone. Then they have to fight together. Then they kiss.Don’t know where to start with your Spy love scene? Try Jonathan 8 and Josephene 8! These all-new 3D models were designed with spies in mind, and they’re ready out-of-the-box for all spy-related situations, including the inevitable romance.

    They make a pretty good team, We think.

  2. The Chase Scene in the City
    What would the spy genre be without the classic urban chase scene? These chases happen on motorcycles, mopeds, in cars, and even running from building to building parkour-style.Since cities are notoriously hard to build from scratch in 3D, Daz has a simpler solution — Cityscapes and Buildings. Whether your spy is belaying off a compound in the warehouse district, in a chase on dense urban streets, scrambling in the subway, or tumbling in a temple, The Daz Shop has an environment for any scene you’d want to make.


  3. The ‘Off Duty’ Spy in Paradise
    Even the most hard-core double agent has to fly to exotic places where off-shore bank accounts and encrypted chips hide in lavish estates. And any agent who’s worth their salt comes prepared with the clothes to fit in, no matter what tropical paradise they have to visit for work (sounds tough, right?).If you want to be convincing, or true to the spy genre with a series of images, you would definitely be missing something without a tropical island or a tourist/vacation outfit or two. Is your anti-hero meeting an international buyer at the local cabana? Has your agent tracked a suspect to a secluded lagoon? Don’t forget to find the perfect set of clothes so your agent can keep their cover!
  4. The Stand-Off in Open Lands
    From sparse Scottish moors, and open meadows to deserts, the spy Genre loves (loves loves loves) stand-offs that occur in open lands.Sometimes a nearby plant manufacturing a dangerous but potentially beneficial technology has to be hidden far away from prying eyes, and sometimes heroes like to retreat to their childhood homes in the boonies for the big show. No matter the case, finding a high quality landscape environment in the Daz Shop will save you time and give your spy scene a photo-real authenticity.


  5. The All-Out-Action Scene
    And, not to be forgotten, the most epic Spy Scene of all — the All-Out-Action, or shoot-em-up scene. This scene is the point with the highest tension, the worst antagonist, the hold-your-breath anticipation and the moments that really matter.How can you possibly get all of the intricacies of ahyper-tense action scene just right? The answer is simple — you make your scene, and let Daz do the heavy lifting for you. Not only does Daz have the all-new spy characters Jonathan 8 and Josephene 8, we also have an entire catalog of Spy Gear that even the most hardened MI6 or CIA member would need to pause to peruse…

Let boredom Die Another Day — try and make a render for every Epic Spy Style. Better yet, take a still from your favorite movie and do what they did, better. Once you’re sure your agent can complete the mission, don’t forget to share with the Daz Gallery!

  • Max Devereaux says:

    Very cool idea, you guys! Now, if these PRECEDED or, at least, concurred with the release of Core Figures, it would be even better. And if you can, get the excellent author to proofread your ad copy and product descriptions.

  • Max Devereaux says:

    Poor Josephene can’t wear heels without being taller than Jonathan unless she stands Far and Away, keeps her Eyes Wide Shut during Days of Thunder.

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