Ogre HD for Daz Studio: A Day in the Life of an Ogre


Me waek up. Sleep good. Sleep so good. Do Morning Stretch. Me limber.

Stretching good for Ogre


Late Morningtimes

Me think smell Humans. Get mad and growl. Turn out just smelling Ogreā€¦ grab club and go into forest to look food.

Me favorite club


Early afternoon

Forest very pretty but no find food. Thought about whak humans with club. It funny. Me laugh.


Nap next to log. Me had dream about get all dress up for big party. Me put clothes like in my dream on me wishlist.

One day treat meself…


Late Afternoon

Me wonderful visit with friend Snerg. Snerg the kind friend you no need talk to. Most days we pretend whak things with club, or whak things with club. Today like most days.

Just two friend hanging out #friendforever



Me finally successful hunt! Me take animal leg and make roast and soup at camp. It smell delishis.

Not much, but it home


Late evening

It good to be full. Me get comfortable on ground and get ready for tomorrow. It going to be another big day…

Thenk for spending day with me. You pretty alright, for human…

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