Scheduled Maintenance for

Latest Updates: 10:55 am 11/10/2020

We were able to work over the weekend on a few updates and should have more updates this week. As of 10:55 am, 11/10, the following issues have been noted and fixed:

Customer Orders have been re-sync’d and should now show all products that are owned in DIM, Product Library and DazCentral. If you still are not seeing the products you own, please reach out to customer support.
Fix to a few products including BodyScapes for Genesis 8 Female, which were giving some users a 404 error

Our major area of focus for this week is PC+ memberships. We are aware that some customers who have bought a PC+ membership are not seeing discounts. This is a top priority for us. We’ll have more updates on this throughout the week.

Once again, the issues in this update, like those in previous updates, are fixed to the best of our knowledge. If these issues are not fixed for you, we do not know that yet, and ask that you submit a Customer Service ticket to let us know about what you are experiencing.

Daz 3D thanks you for your ongoing feedback, and please direct your comments and questions to the proper Forum Thread so that we can continue to make sure that each specific issue gets attention.

— The Daz 3D Technical Support Team


Latest Updates: 12:15 pm, 11/6

We’re getting closer every day to the full expected site experience, and are able to keep making progress on more specific issues that present. As of 12:15 pm, 11/6, the following issues have been noted and fixed:

  • Pricing: the wishlist now shows the correct prices for most PC+ Members
  • Interactive licenses are showing up in product libraries, for those who have bought them
  • Video tutorials are playing throughout the website
  • DazCentral tutorials are playing

We’re currently working on the following:

  • Credit card details for checkout: requiring to be saved

Once again, the issues in this update, like those in previous updates, are fixed to the best of our knowledge. If these issues are not fixed for you, we do not know that yet, and ask that you submit a Customer Service ticket to let us know about what you are experiencing.

Daz 3D thanks you for your ongoing feedback, and please direct your comments and questions to the proper Forum Thread so that we can continue to make sure that each specific issue gets attention.

We have also developed a weekend of special gifts and extra savings coming up to thank all Daz users for your patience during our site turnover, so keep your eyes on the sales pages over the weekend and get ready to grab some pretty awesome products.

— The Daz 3D Technical Support Team


Latest Updates: 10:00 am, 11/5

We’re getting closer every day to the full updated site experience, and are able to keep making progress on more specific issues that present. As of 10:00 am, 11/5, the following issues have been noted and fixed:

  • PC+ coupons now only work once and are live again
  • DIM issues with large accounts should now be fixed. At this point, we have resolved each DIM issue that we are aware of. If you are having an issue with DIM, please submit a Customer Service ticket to let us know about what you’re experiencing.
  • Gift Card emails have been amended and should send after purchase. Please let Customer Service know if you have not received a Gift Card code you are expecting.
  • Artist stores are now all linking correctly
  • Daz Artists/PAs should now have new serial numbers for specific PA building products that require them
  • The filters in the store are working correctly, so go crazyAnd one more update that’s great news:
  • The Movember Render Contest is now open to all international customers, just in case you missed it!

Thank you for your feedback and support, and please direct your comments and questions to the proper Forum Thread so that we can continue to make sure that each specific issue gets attention.

Thank you for your patience,

— The Daz 3D Technical Support Team


Latest Updates: 10:00 am, 11/4

Daz 3D is glad to report that the site update continues to go well, and that most major issues with the website, accounts, and sales pages have been fixed. As of 10:00 am, the following updates have been made:

  • All PC+ discounts are working and show correct pricing for PC items
  • PC+ Coupons are operational
  • Vendor pages are now live (some artist stores are not working properly, but are being worked on)
  • The main promotion page has been updated and PC+ Sale Discounts have been reinstated
  • Friends of the Sale/Artist store discounts are operational and added back to the sale page
  • Login Password Reset issues have been fixed. If you can’t log in to your account, reach out to Daz Customer Service, who will be happy to reset your password.
  • Banner messages for sales pages are up & running, and have been adjusted due to user preference. Once a banner has been closed, it will not reappear.
  • Most DIM issues have been resolved, and we are currently working on a few lingering issues with large accounts.

As individual updates are made, users may experience longer loading times than usual.

Thank you for your feedback and support, and please direct your comments and questions to the newest Forum Thread so that we can continue to make sure that each specific issue gets attention.

Thank you for your patience,

— The Daz 3D Technical Support Team


Latest Updates: 1:30 pm, 11/2

We’re continuing to make adjustments to the site, but have some updates on previous bugs that we’ve now resolved:

  • PC+ Membership accounts are back up and working properly
  • Login issues for Studio, DIM, and Daz Accounts have been solved
  • Fast Grab Discounts have been reinstated and are operational
  • Interactive Licenses for Daz Originals are fixed and properly discounted
  • Download issues for DazCentral have been resolved
  • Email confirmations for orders, gift cards, and the like are working
  • Zendesk/Help Center is once again operational
  • Store discounts have been adjusted and are showing accurate and current discounts in the store and cart. The price you see in cart accurately reflects the total purchase price. This new checkout process will also alert you if the cart total changes during checkout and restart the sale process to reflect any price changes.

We will continue to update as we resolve other minor bugs. We’re currently fixing sales to correspond to the PC+ discount structure and adjusting other issues that have been brought to our attention.

Thank you for your ongoing feedback and support, and please continue to direct your comments and questions to the appropriate Forum Thread so that we can make sure that each specific issue gets attention.

Thank you for your patience,

— The Daz 3D Technical Support Team


Latest Updates

Daz 3D is back online, and we’re currently working through a few more things.

We’re aware of the Platinum Club+ mislabel issue and fixing it as fast as we can (in addition to a few others, as some users have noted). We have also decided that, due to our downtime, we will be continuing today’s sale tomorrow, so that all customers get an opportunity to get the deals that they may have missed today.

We’re working as quickly as we can to get everything back up and running. In the meantime, please direct your comments and questions to the appropriate Forum Thread, so we can make sure that each specific issue gets attention.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience,

— The Daz 3D Technical Support Team


Update to Scheduled Maintenance Time

Hi Daz users!

We are sorry to say that Daz 3D ( will not be back online by our anticipated time of 3:00 pm MST (UTC/GMC -7 hours). As with any overhaul, we encountered a few issues that weren’t anticipated, but we’re working to resolve them and get the website back up quickly.

We want to make sure to give each user the best experience once the site is back up, as well as minimize disruptions. We thank you all for your patience, and will update as soon as we have the site live.

Thank you again for your patience,

— The Daz 3D Technical Support Team


Scheduled Daz Site Update Downtime

Daz 3D is making some upgrades to our website! These changes will make the site and store quicker and add another layer of security to the Daz Shop and our commerce platform, in addition to increasing site stability and resolving a few structural issues.

To complete these site upgrades, we have to take down for a little bit, so we’ve scheduled an upgrade window this weekend. Please note that our website ( will be inaccessible during our scheduled upgrade window on Sunday, November 1st from 11:00 am MST until 3:00 pm MST

During this time, you will not be able to access your account, the Daz Shop, or perform checkout functions. The forums and gallery will also be down, as will the ability to download products, and Daz Studio will only work in ‘offline mode’ for the duration of this scheduled upgrade.

The Daz Blog will remain live during the update (keep in mind that certain links on posts that redirect to or the gallery will not be available). The Help Center will also be available during the update.

After we bring the site back up, each major customer portal will be immediately available, with the exception of the Gallery, which will come online a bit later.

In the meantime, keep checking out the Daz Blog. The Artist Interview Series is a great place to start looking, with features on some the most prolific Daz Artists. If you’re missing your inspiration fix from the Daz Gallery, Art Principles might be able to take care of that for a little bit.

Daz 3D thanks you for your ongoing support!

— The Daz 3D Technical Support Team



Artist Credit: Jason Galterio


Help Out a Great Cause and Make Amazing Art

From now until the end of November, Daz 3D is offering the Stache Picks Bundle to drive donations for the Movember Foundation. The Movember Foundation is committed to promoting awareness of men’s health issues including male-specific cancers and mental health awareness, and Daz will donate 50% of all revenue from the Stache Picks Bundle to the Movember Foundation at the conclusion of the month. Do your part to help out a great cause, all while making amazing art!

  • I’m thinking that if you can limit how many images someone can post into the gallery per day it could go a long way to curtailing storage space and bandwidth utilized. Shoveling 5+ images at one time is not constructive and in fact has more negative reaction to the others who are being very neighborly to one another. Not only that, it creates a negative outlook of what can be created in DS with six angles of the same image it just isn’t constructive in any degree.

    My frustration, shared by others, is fueled by users who in example just posted TWENTY images in one sitting just last night (Oct 30, 2020). Like any website where page one is the most crucial of the results, the gallery is the same.

  • Please will items on sale still in sale tomorrow because I wanted to purchase some of them when the site went offline ? 🙁

      • Hello admin, please note that, for customers in Europe, 3 pm MDT is around midnight, when most of these customers are sleeping. Therefore again the question of kervala: will items on sale still in sale tomorrow?

      • Noted. When the updated website comes back online, today’s sale will be back up until 11:59 pm MST. At 12:00 am MST, tomorrow’s sale will begin to roll over.

        We hope this information helps 🙂

      • Hello Admin, it would help reduce confusion a great deal if you could, please, kindly use some time easily relatable to by everyone all around the world, such as UTC+X, where X would be the time difference from UTC to Daz time zone.

        You see, one post is MDT, another MST, there is no consistency and it makes it kind of difficult. I actually had to google what those time zones were and then count the matching time in my time zone for each of them.

        Thank you and kind regards.

      • What about now you’ve not reopened at 3pm MST? I’ve got a bunch of items in my cart and was about to add one more when the site went down… What if you can’t fix this and reopen today? Will those items still be at that price tomorrow?

  • hmmm… this is not exactly a good time for major updates to the site…
    it’s a sunday and a sales day…
    what if something goes wrong with the site update ???

    • We’re an international company, so there’s rarely a good time for major updates.
      In the same regard, these updates are critical to user experience.
      Every day is a sales day 😉

      • Except the PC+ sale is the biggest sale of the year for DAZ and the last weekend of that sale (today) is the biggest day (Catch-up) when everything from the entire month goes back on sale. People wait all year for this weekend at DAZ. Sounds like there’s no coordination with the sales team. Good luck.

      • @eric susch, that may be true, but considering that so many of us have had issues with the PC+ Anniversary sale because the store has had repeated errors, the maintenance needed to happen. I’m not certain how their Customer Service works (flat rate, paid by the ticket, or some other contract agreement), but CS has been very, very busy processing all the tickets from store errors during this sale (and those of us who’ve encountered the areas are very grateful that CS has been quick to respond).

        Even if it’s running a little long (which often happens to sites when they update), I’d rather have the issues fixed, even if it does take down the site for part of a day. After all, it’s not like Daz doesn’t do a “catch-up” day most years at the end of the PC+ Anniversary so we can get items we may have missed earlier in the sale.

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Oh well, guess I can go do some arts instead of playing on the forum lol

  • I’m in complete agreement with “The Admin”. Updates are an absolute necessity, from a technological standpoint. They are almost always, also irksome and frustrating to those born into an age of instant gratification. I may drive two hours to buy just the right nick-knack, but wait 2 hours for something online? Argh!

  • Thanks, but I don’t have the same time zone, it’ll be late 🙁

    Anyway, good luck for the update and I’m impatient to see the improvements 🙂

  • Who says today is the last day of the sale? ;). Joking aside there’s been plenty of co-ordination between everyone, it’s all good!

  • I still have a few funds left in the bank … let’s see if the new store functionality can get me to spend it ! 🙂 Also, I know the store has had some glitches, but I have been enjoying the sale and I know it is hard work on your end … so, Thank you all.

  • It would be great if the store implemented additional filtering options for search and added additional asset tags:

    – Assets could be tagged with “Environment”, “Iray”, “Prop”, “Lighting”, “Material”, “Utility” and so forth

    – Search Tags could include the ability to stack more filters
    • Such as “Keyword + Sort by Price + Under $50 + G8 Generation”

    Hoping we have some additional options for power searchers. Looking forward to the new setup!

    • We’ve added asset tags to the Daz Store, and are updating our previous search function. The search suggestion is a great idea, and one you might see at some point in the future.

  • My heart goes out to all you devs working on this; pushing an update is rarely smooth and last minute issues can be terribly stressful!

  • Does anyone ever tried FastMocap and is it for Boy and face because i’m looking for a mocap that captures both Face and Body and if not I was also looking at the Iclone motion Live but wouldn’t I have to buy both Motion live and “Iclone” separately?

  • My colleague used to preface any production deployment with the words “Here we go — good luck everybody!” and then put his hands over his ears as if waiting for the explosion. That’s still how I feel about deployments.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

  • past 3pm…how is it going ?

    not to belabor the point… i’m running servers for a company myself… but i’d never do a major system update during major sales events…
    i’d expect sunday usa time still being your major sales times

  • Tom Kauffman (Namffuak) says:

    You have my sympathy! I’ve been burned on many an update when one of the systems just decides not to cooperate, and all my scheduled updates had to happen between midnight Saturday and noon Sunday – makes for more fun when calling support.

    (Next time, be a leetle bit more careful around the blue wire! 🙂 )

  • I was very excited to snag a few more deals today, but it’s now nearing 1AM here. A shame, as it has already been said above the deals will run as normal despite not being available for most of the day (I also cannot download files I have already paid for, another shame). I hope these updates make the whole thing run smoother – good luck.

    • Lewis Shepherd says:

      In the comments above, the admin mentioned that the sale today would be extended a day. I’m in the same boat as you, I shopped on my phone last night, and won’t be at my main artstation until tomorrow morning, and I hope DIM will remember I bought it before the site upgrade.

      • The sale will continue until 11:59 pm tonight, and then begin to roll over to tomorrow’s sale at 12:00 am MST.

        Don’t worry, DIM will remember what you bought, and you’ll be able to download once the site is back up.

  • Jason Galterio says:

    Just a thought about the timing of this update…

    I imagine that there is a behind the scenes rationale that drives every update. The server that can’t be updated anymore. The software whose license is about to expire. The hard drive that is about to run out of space. The IT person that hasn’t slept in four days and is about to rage if one more error is tripped.

    I have never met an IT department that willingly goes into doing updates. There always seems to be a mitigating factor that is pushing the change… Usually because if things aren’t updated, something really bad is going to happen in the near future.

    The delay in restoration means that some poor group of people need some sympathy for doing this on a Sunday.

  • Stanley E L Falor II says:

    The most important thing is that everyone gets safely home to see their loved ones. Upgrades make things better and those cool things we were drooling over will go on sale again soon. I have set an alarm to see if by chance things are back up before 10:00 PM MST.

  • I’ve been singing ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’ by Ray Stevens all day ( Monday arvo here ) lol…. good luck, updates can be such a PITA 🙂

  • Daz studio is an unthinkable piece of software. Totally advanced and limitless. I hope the upgrade will address the downloading and installation time, excruciatingly too long. I hope it will address and eventually allow different graphic card brands for rendering. I hope they will address this issue with products that frequently do not have what they advertise which forces us to often return for refund or exchange.
    I hope your best days are straight ahead of you all, because this is GOLD!

  • This is going to be one mega-stress test for the updated site: if it manages to get back up before 23:59 MST, everyone all around the world will be trying to check out at the same time to try to snag the stuff in their carts before midnight, when it all turns into pumpkins.

  • I Am Therefore I Think says:

    I’m just hoping that the lack of Platinum is resolved before the sale goes away. My cart was erased and I’m not staying up to all hours just to spend money. I have other things to do than constantly check to see if you’ve managed to fix the problem before the sale date expires.

  • Robert Sabbia says:

    Yeah. My cart of $1.99 items is now empty. I had five in there. Now nada.
    My Platinum Club has been cancelled too?

  • I’m not sure if this is the place to report this – and you guys probably already know about it anyway but JUST IN CASE you don’t:

    Attempting to access the forums presets a page that says: “400 Bad request Your browser sent an invalid request.”

    Including the link above from this paragraph:

    “We’re working as quickly as we can to get everything back up and running. In the meantime, please direct your comments and questions to the appropriate Forum Thread, so we can make sure that each specific issue gets attention.”

    The “Forum Thread” link just leads to the “400 Bad Request” page as does:

  • is it ok to buy things now ?
    does the credit card interface work ?
    or should we wait until tomorrow ?
    i see you’re extending the sale so all of today’s deals will be available tomorrow i’m assuming ?!

    • It is okay to buy things now, and credit cards work.
      Today’s sale and deals are being extended to tomorrow, and will be available then.

      • @TheAdmin. The sale prices of the BYOB are not applying in the cart. And the “Friends of the Sale” artist are now not showing the price they were yesterday at 50% off. I thought the Sale was being continued today?

  • Congrats on getting the website back up, I really enjoy using Daz3D. In addition to the Platinum Club membership issue, I noticed that the fast grab item prices change to a different price if I put them in the shopping cart. Just wanted to mention it, I’m sure you guys will have everything working fine again soon, thanks 🙂

  • Lewis Shepherd says:

    It appears to be much faster this morning. I was pulling 70-90 Mib/s 2.5 gigs in under a few minutes. Very fast.

  • I’m not able to download my bryce app keep getting errors like The server experienced an error: 1460320609597786623

  • what’s the latest ?
    my cart still shows all items at full prices…
    the platinum club for a day items are not at $1.99
    and i do not see my coupons in the platinum club section of my account..
    is that just me ?

  • I agree with Jason, I always wanted to filter by product type : Character, Clothing, Poses, Shaders, Environment, Props, etc… Because I’m not interested in some of them (characters or lights for examples) and would like to filter them out 🙂

    Another idea it could be interesting is a checkbox to only display items from our wishlist in store (like the one for PC+ items) 🙂 It’ll be easier to check what items from our wishlist are on sale 🙂

  • I cannot log in with Studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS NOT GOOD! I am trying to get a deadline met and it both the website, DIM, and STUDIO do not work!!!!!!!!!

  • Does not let me login anymore, keeps throwing back to the login page without any error messages – Worked about 4 hours ago

  • Anthony_Christian says:

    Hi there,

    It appears I am completely locked out of my account, I also noticed there was something funky with the sale prices and the price they show in the cart earlier. I’m assuming for now that they are tied together because I cannot access the DIM either. Hopefully this is fixed soon, and I won’t have to put in a lengthy ticket.

  • yay.. glad to see things going back to improved normal :D:D
    only issues i see at the moment are:
    1. that “platinum for a day” items are not $1.60 when a new item is in the cart (used to be before the upgrade)
    2. it still says “coupon code not valid” for my platinum save6 coupon even though my cart meets the requirements..
    rest looks good as far as i can tell

    • Haha, never change a running horse. Give the devs a hug and a coffee from me. 🙂
      I agree with squirrely. Looks like everything is getting working again step by step.
      I’ll add a point 3: Interactive Licenses with the 5$ rebate are reverted to the full price in the basket.

      By the way, is there any forum thread to report store issues? Didn’t find one on the first place.

  • You have the sale for PC+ members, but what about the rest of us? We have to sit through this update also, so aren’t we entitled to some deals? I keep checking my wish list to see if there’s anything on sale. Oh, and that brings me to another point. Can you add a menu item in the wish list that would display only the items in the wish list that are on sale? You have, newest, lowest to highest, highest to lowest. My wish list is something like 3 pages long, and I hate having to thumb threw it just to find things on sale.

  • Pertti Ahjokivi says:

    Forum has been inaccessible since Jan. 2nd. Only gives an error page;

    “Something has gone wrong.
    We’ve run into a problem and are unable to handle this request right now.
    Please check back in a little while.”

    I have written a ticket, but received no confirmation letter.

    No information here in the blog, the shop, helppages, fb, twitter or anywhere else for that matter and no way to contact DAZ.

    What’s going on?

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