Genesis 9 HD Pro Bundles: Now Including Aging Morphs

Images of the Mira 9 HD Pro Bundle

As the boundaries of digital art continue to be pushed, Daz 3D’s latest Genesis 9 Pro bundles arrive to demonstrate the limitless potential within the realm of 3D art. With innovative new additions such as aging sliders and more, our Genesis 9 characters merge aesthetic beauty with realism and unprecedented versatility. Let’s delve into the amazing features through the lens of the Mira 9 HD Pro Bundle:

Mira 9 HD

Meet Mira 9 HD, a captivating alternative young adult character inspired by the vibrant Pop-Punk era of the 2010s. With meticulous 8k detailing, Mira 9 HD injects a sense of edginess and authenticity into every scene. Her intricate full sleeve tattoo and other fashion forward details such as gauged ears and edgy hairstyles reminiscent of her punk subculture. Embracing Daz’s Unified Figure, asymmetry morphs, and a cutting-edge Proportions system, Mira 9 HD empowers you with unmatched character customization possibilities, enhancing your creative endeavors.

The true game-changer within the Mira 9 HD Pro Bundle lies in the innovative aging slider. This tool propels your storytelling capabilities to new heights, allowing you to effortlessly navigate Mira’s life stages. You can now take Mira or any Genesis 9 Pro Bundle character from their youthful days to their golden years. Perks like these are included in any Pro bundle for the first 30 days as a special add-on! Control the passage of time within your narratives and revolutionize the way you convey life-specific stories through your art.


One Size Fits All

The Mira 9 HD Pro Bundle and our other Pro bundles don’t stop there. Each component of a Pro bundle allows each “ingredient” to carry over any of the Genesis 9 characters. Apply Mira’s arm tattoo to another character or her facial expressions. The ability to apply any piece of Mira 9’s bundle to your existing or future character is another way to level up your 3D artwork and gives you endless uses from one single asset.

To top it all off, Pro Bundles now include interactive and 3D print licenses, expanding the creative possibilities of Mira’s character and any other Genesis 9 characters. Character customization just got a whole lot easier!

Championing creative freedom, diversity, and versatility, Daz 3D remains committed to delivering innovative value to artists. Our Pro Bundles encapsulate these principles, promising to unlock new realms of creative exploration. Stay tuned for more pioneering add-ons and expansions within the Genesis 9 universe.

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