Juneteenth Company Statement

Daz 3D supports Equality in all forms

Daz believes that human ingenuity exists far outside of the artificial boundaries of race, gender, income, or place. As such, we are proud to support the principles of Black Lives Matter, Pride Month, and inclusion and affirmation for any person who has been individually or systemically disenfranchised on the basis of these artificial boundaries.

Commemorating Juneteenth & matching donations

Because of these beliefs, and in opposition to the historied and systemic disenfranchisement of Black, LGBTQ, and other communities that has long continued in the United States, Daz has chosen to recognize Juneteenth (Friday, June 19th) as a company holiday.

By giving employees the day off, we hope to give them time to be more involved, listen and learn, and act in support of all those concerned with equality and social justice. Most importantly, we want to give Daz employees time to observe their capacity to recognize that history has not been kind, equal or inclusive to all communities, and try to affect the current moment with their own individualized approach.

Daz has committed to amplify its employees’ individual ability to affect change by offering company matching in June on donations made to organizations devoted to advancing equality, inclusion, and social justice. Employee contributions to such organizations will be matched up to $100 by Daz in order to magnify each individual’s voice and impact.

Black Lives Matter. Inclusion matters. Equality matters.

Our community, like many in the broader art community, welcomes every person who supports equality and inclusion, who believes that Black Lives Matter, and who insists LGBTQ and all other communities should enjoy the same rights, freedoms, and privileges that until now have only systemically applied to certain members of our society.

It is often not easy to make art, pursue integrity, or support equality unflinchingly. These are, in fact, very difficult things to do, and much more deserving of praise for the principles and effort they require. Daz celebrates brave people with the courage to stand up for equality and inclusion throughout history and up to this moment. We hope to be an agent of change, both now and always.

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