Enhancing Platinum Club+ with Extra Perks and Exclusive Offers

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If you’re a PC+ (Platinum Club+) Member, you’ve enjoyed benefits like exclusive discounts, freebies, and year-round special offers. In the coming months, we’ll be making some exciting changes to the PC+ program, including added perks, exclusives, and a new name that will better align with the Daz 3D brand and community. 

So with that, what’s changing?

Platinum Club+ Is Evolving Into Daz+

We’re refreshing the Platinum Club+ Membership and giving it a new name: Daz+. This change works to clear up confusion around the “PC” abbreviation and marks an evolution in the benefits you’ll receive. This simple change unifies the Daz 3D brand with the name of the program and adds even more perks to your membership at the same price you pay now.  

Meet Your New Perks

These upcoming changes infuse your PC+ Membership with even more benefits alongside the exclusive perks you’ve always enjoyed. However, PC+ Memberships and Items will soon be referred to as “Daz+” Memberships and Items. 

On top of your current membership benefits, you’ll soon have access to additional perks with the change from PC+ to Daz+, including:

  • Daz+ Exclusive Items: Items that are only available to Daz+ members 
  • Third-Party Coupons: Exclusive access to discounts from Daz 3D partners
  • Monthly Live Tutorials: 12 months of live Daz Studio tutorials that will be yours to keep after streaming
  • All Current PC+ Perks: Your current PC+ benefits will stay the same, we’re simply adding more to the program

What Else Is Changing?

That’s it… for now. The Daz 3D team will continue to explore new ways to reward subscribers with exciting perks, benefits, and events moving forward. The official change from PC+ to Daz+ will be rolling out sitewide in the coming days.

For now, there’s nothing you need to do to switch and your membership will be updated automatically once Daz+ launches. You can continue using your PC+ Membership as you always would!

Not a Member Yet? 

No problem! You can join now with a Quarterly Membership, or save big with an ultra-affordable Annual Membership. Get the most out of your Daz 3D experience with PC+ and be among the first to get exclusive Daz+ perks by starting your membership now.

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