Using 3D Model Wings to Bring Your Fairy Tale Scene to Life

an image with 3D model wings in the center and faded out winged characters in the background

So you’ve almost finished your fairy tale-esque character design and environment, but maybe you feel like something is still lacking. 3D model wings are one element that just might give you that magical finishing touch.

When it comes to fairy tale scenes and magical creatures, humanoid or not, only your imagination is the limit. Fortunately, the Daz 3D catalog offers hundreds of 3D model wings made by talented artists. Browse the asset library to discover what fits your character best, or spin together your own after getting inspiration from other creators.

Daz 3D’s Asset Library Is a Haven of Wings

While there is nothing wrong with modeling your own 3D model wings yourself, this can be a time-consuming process. Compound that with a tight deadline, or maybe you just aren’t confident in your modeling skills — it’s okay. Daz has you covered.

Fairy tale wings are a popular asset, so you will have no problems finding a variety of different styles. Check them out for yourself, and who knows, one of these models just might suit your needs!

To aid you in your search for the perfect wings, we have compiled a helpful list with links to each product in our shop. We’ve categorized these fan-favorites products as well for those who already have an idea of the wing style they’re after.

a render of a female fairy character sitting amid glowing lights and mushrooms
“In the Woods” by rigelmundo in the Daz Gallery


Birds are naturally known for their wings, but so are angels. Give your character feathered wings for a majestic, heavenly appearance. Adjust their joints and position to indicate movement or tweak the feathers’ colors to match a character design.


Opt for something light and wispy when you place the wings’ 3D model on fairy-like or dainty characters. Whether it’s a pair of butterfly or dragonfly wings, make it more enchanting by altering opacity, changing textures, or creating an iridescent effect.   


If your fairy tale scenario is dark and dangerous, leathery wings will lend an aura of mystery to your character. These wings fit just about any character and have a much darker, more sinister feel to them. Who says a fairy tale can’t turn into a nightmare, right?


A fairy tale can happen anywhere — even in the distant future or a steampunk alternate history. Let your characters earn their mechanical wings and swoop in to save the day as the story unfolds.

A Few Tips and Tricks for Creating Beautiful Wings

Most of the 3D model wings presets available in Daz 3D’s asset collection can be customized to your specifications. But if you want something more unique, consider creating your own 3D model. If you are up to it, creating your own model can really empower yourself as a creator. While the technical aspects will vary from program to program, here are some helpful big-picture ideas to consider as you design your wings. 

a render of a fairy character from behind sitting in a flower blossom
“~Blossom Overnight~” by Shaylea in the Daz Gallery

Have a Good Reference

Every 3D model needs a great reference you can mimic. Look for images that closely resemble what you have in mind. For feathered wings, it’s not uncommon to have photos of different birds or creatures as the starting point for your design. If you are feeling extra bold, consider combining multiple references to create something truly unique for your fairy tale scene.

Study Their Movement

Even in a fantasy or magical setting, certain aspects of your characters should be somewhat realistic. Take a good look at how wings actually move. Keep in mind how the wings of different animals behave. You can extrapolate and use your imagination here to adapt this study to your own character or creature. Of course, this will likely require a custom rig, and how complex your movements need to be will dictate how you go about rigging. Daz Studio takes care of bones and rigging for you, so this may be an unfamiliar topic. If so, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources available, such as this Blender Content Creation tutorial, which will teach you all the technical steps of creating models for Daz Studio.

Keep It Simple

Often, creators tend to lose sight of their original work in a bid to add more pizzazz to their original design. Stick to the basics, work on them, and add elements only as you see fit. The simpler your 3D model wing, the more leeway you have in improving it. Don’t be afraid to leverage vital help from sources like to simplify the process and provide quality resources.

Use the Right Modeling Software

The best 3D models are made when using the right tools. Daz Studio is a tried-and-true modeling program that has been used by both novice and seasoned designers. That said, there are plenty of valid reasons for using other software hand-in-hand with Daz Studio. Check out our post on Blender vs. Daz Studio to learn how the two can work together, becoming a free yet powerhouse duo for creators!

Create More with Daz 3D

Let your imagination take flight and take your fantasy scene to an entirely new, ethereal level with 3D model wings on your characters. Build them from scratch with Daz Studio for limitless possibilities or pick from our extensive 3D asset library of wings made by fellow creators—the choice is yours. 

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