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All 3D artists should know and value the importance of using professional tools for 3D artists. While creatives and their work will always thrive on their imagination and ingenuity as an artist, in the realm of 3D, having the right tools and software is almost equally vital to success.

Daz Studio is free-to-own software because we believe anybody can and should have access to 3D art and a powerful tool to help them accomplish that. Every year, Daz users render millions of images with Daz Studio, but we don’t want to stop there. Helping artists forward their own journey in 3D creation inevitably comes down to helping more people access professional tools for 3D artists.

We recently partnered with to say thanks to all of our Daz users and present an amazing deal. Right now, anyone can use our special code valid at to receive 15% off anything, sitewide:


If you have never heard of or are curious how the professional tools for 3D artists they offer can help you, stick around and keep an eye out for future editions in this series as we explore the amazing resources offers!

the 1st, 2nd, and 8th subdivisions of a female's face Contains a Suite of Professional Tools for 3D Artists

Even if you are new to 3D art, you may have learned the value of texturing a 3D object as a part of your pipeline. While every step of the process is crucial to success, visually, this one is extremely important. really shines in this category, and it’s probably why so many huge gaming studios choose them as a resource in their own pipelines., among other things, offers a catalog of hundreds of thousands of reference images. They have human models, animals, clothing, and more. Having access to extremely high-quality images like these is invaluable when creating realistic 3D models, particularly of humans. If you don’t know exactly how this process works, don’t worry, we will go through it in-depth in a future edition of this series. For now, you could also consider checking out’s large catalog of premade textures for human figures.

Here at Daz 3D, we have utilized’s reference photos to create hundreds of realistic skin textures for Daz figures, such as the hyper-realistic Genesis 8 Female and Male. We know curating the level of detail and realism would have been a far more timely and expensive endeavor without the help of this awesome professional tool.

a closeup of the clay that showcases the realistic skin textures Has Much More to Offer

Not only this, but the website also offers tutorials for 3D artists as well. You will find a variety of topics covered here, and the content is high-quality and top-notch. This is an excellent way to facilitate your step from amateur to professional 3D artist.

You will find a large catalog of photo scans, including people and objects. In association with that, you will find a major time saver in their collection of retopologized human face scans. These are 3D models of human heads of all variations, with geometry that has been optimized and simplified for animation and other real-time use such as in video games.

Whether you are using the photos as a reference for modeling and posing, creating realistic textures, or accelerating your workflow by using premade tools, there is something for everyone. Taking advantage of and learning how to implement the professional tools for 3D artists it offers will greatly improve the overall quality of work and your skill as a 3D artist.

We hope you will take advantage of our special 15% discount offer on anything within the store using the coupon code: DAZ&3Dsk!

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