Daz Studio is Back on Mac with Updates for macOS Big Sur

If you’re on a Mac, we have exciting news! The Daz Studio team is pleased to announce the release of Daz Studio for Mac and Windows. This Studio software update broadens Mac compatibility to include macOS Big Sur and all previously supported Mac operating systems. 

That means Mac users can get back to rendering beautiful 3D artwork with all of the freshest features available in the latest version of Daz Studio. 

What’s New?

Alongside macOS Big Sur compatibility, this update includes a handful of bug fixes and scripting updates for both Mac and Windows operating systems in anticipation of the future Daz Studio 5 upgrade. 

Daz Studio Features:

  • Daz Studio 4 compatibility with macOS Big Sur and Apple M1 chips
  • Scripting API updates to add forward compatibility with Studio 5 scripts
  • Various bug fixes to issues that would result in crashing on Windows OS
  • Fixes to the smart content system
  • Bugfix update to Iray

Manage Your Content on Mac with DazCentral

With this latest update, Mac users can also enjoy the DazCentral content manager: a simple, clean, and easy-to-use alternative to the DIM (Daz Install Manager). DazCentral combines upgraded storing and sorting capabilities with an intuitive user interface. It’s the easiest way to download Daz content and applications to your computer — plus it takes up less space on your system!

You can, of course, choose to continue using the Daz Install Manager if you prefer. 

Download Daz Studio for macOS Big Sur Today

We’re thrilled to offer Daz Studio and our massive catalog of 3D content to Mac users worldwide. The Daz Studio team is hard at work on future releases and we plan to keep the macOS updates coming. 

Get back to doing what you love on the machine of your preference by downloading the latest version of Daz Studio for Mac and Windows today!

  • I just submitted another ticket. So frustrated after several attempts. This still is not installing on my Mac with Big Sur

  • Studio will run on my Mac Big Sur 11.4, but Daz Central locks up on the first or second asset I try to open. have to force quit and launch again. I submitted a ticket.

  • I’m also having issues running Daz Central on Big Sur. It crashes when I try to install any assets. I also no longer seem to be able to use Install Manager.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble. Your nVidia cards will cease to render with this update, and you will be left with GPU-based iRay rendering only. Simple reason, as given by DAZ developers:
    “Unfortunately, we will not build a script for the latest Iray render engine to work with older NVIDIA Drivers. It is up to NVIDIA whether they would like to continue support in their render engine and they also choose when to stop support drivers in their render engine. This support is out of our hands since NVIDIA is the company that created and updates the NVIDIA Iray render engine. We only implement then versions of the NVIDIA Iray render engine that they send us.”
    Unless DAZ goes the extra mile, it is pointless to install 4.15 “for Mac”.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience. While we don’t have an immediate solution for older NVIDIA drivers, we may have alternative solutions coming in 2022.

  • Sandra Braunovic says:

    Daz 3D definitely does not work on MacOS Monterey.
    I even subscribed for DAZ+, but its crashing and 🙁 I’ve just uninstalled it 🙁

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