Daz 3D Joins with RTFKT as Technical Partner for CloneX NFT Avatars

Daz 3D and RTFKT - PFP Utility Kit CloneX Blog

Providing Advanced Technology for RTFKT’s Visionary New NFT Collection

Daz 3D and RTFKT Studios (pronounced “artifact”) today announced their partnership to advance three-dimensional avatars in the NFT space, with RTFKT’s new CloneX avatars. Daz 3D is providing its PFP Utility Kit to RTFKT for the CloneX collection: a first-of-its-kind technology toolset of transportable 3D avatars suitable for gaming, videos, social media, and other settings both inside and outside the metaverse. 

“As we were working on our own long-term NFT strategy, we began tossing around ideas with RTFKT and this became an organic and obvious partnership. RTFKT has a unique vision for 3D assets. The new CloneX avatars strive towards a collection where their owners can take them wherever they go—into movies, games, animation and much more, in whatever metaverse they choose,” said James Thornton, CEO of Daz 3D. “With CloneX, RTFKT is pushing the NFT trend forward with creativity and innovation. Its vision aligns perfectly with ours, which is why we’re so excited to support RTFKT with the advanced technology of Daz 3D’s PFP Utility Kit.” 

Usable Inside and Outside the Metaverse

RTFKT CloneX is the first in what will be a broad ecosystem of high-end, metaverse-ready PFP (profile picture) avatars offered by the company. The initial CloneX offering will be comprised of 20,000 avatars—10,000 to be made available only to current RTFKT NFT collectors in a 48-hour pre-sale, plus a second 10,000 available to the public later this month. 

“Our approach with the Metaverse is not to dream of impossible solutions, but to work and execute the best glimpse of the metaverse experience with all the tools and skills we can use today. Being og DAZ 3D users, we knew Daz was the best team to partner with to push that vision forward, and offer never seen before utilities for our collectors and creators to express themselves in new ways with their Avatars. It’s a dream collaboration that we hope will inspire people to see where the future is headed,” said Benoit Pagotto and Chris Le, co-founders of RTFKT studios.

Expanding Utility to Other PFP Collections

Daz 3D’s proprietary 3D technology supports the creation of a wide range of character tech and body shapes, along with clothing that can move dynamically between characters and body types using open source bridges. As the most downloaded 3D figure platform, Daz 3D is utilized by a massive community of online talent creators. It also allows professional artists to develop marketable assets.  

In the coming year, RTFKT and Daz 3D anticipate partnering on other projects that leverage the power of Daz Studio for use in NFTs. To learn more, check out the Daz 3D NFT page

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