Can I Sell My Art as an NFT?

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As an artist, you’re probably looking for ways to turn your passion into a career. Fortunately, the digital art industry offers many ways to do just that. From working as a video game designer to movie animator, there are many paths to success as a full-time digital artist.

Even if you’re new to the digital art scene, you can start making money right away by selling your art online. One route to making money is by selling your art as an NFT.

But what is NFT art, and how do you go about selling it? We’re here to answer all of your questions with our guide to NFT digital art.

What Is an NFT?

Let’s start with the basics. What is an NFT? This acronym stands for “non-fungible token,” meaning it is a unique digital item that cannot be traded in for the same thing. NFTs can be anything digital, including music, drawings, AI technology, and more. 

NFTs are based on blockchain technology, just like cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. However, while a bitcoin can be traded for another bitcoin that is exactly the same, NFTs are irreplaceable—no two digital pieces are alike! And while other people can download the digital art or other content, only one person can own the original file. (Kind of like how anyone can buy a famous art print, but only one person can own the original painting. This is a bit of an oversimplification, but it works as an example.)

Can You Sell Art as an NFT?

Yes, any digital file can be sold as an NFT, from a tweet to an online news article. If you create digital art, you can sell it by listing it on an NFT platform and creating a digital wallet. All you need to do is research the right platform for you, list the item, and wait for it to sell. (We’ll explain more on that later.)

The only situation where you cannot sell your art as an NFT is if it is not a digital file. Generally, digital art is the most popular form of NFT. In fact, artists like Beeple are selling their digital art for as much as $69 million!

The Benefits of Selling NFT Art

What are the benefits of selling your digital work as NFT art? Does it have any unique benefits?

Well, NFT art allows you to sell digital work that might not have a market elsewhere. Everything from digital stickers to video game accessories can be monetized when sold as an NFT. And buyers are excited about buying NFTs because it gives them exclusive rights to posting the image online—plus the boosted reputation in the art world for owning a beautiful piece of digital art.

Overall, NFT art is a win-win for both buyers and sellers. Buyers get to support artists they love and get ownership rights to digital art or other files, while sellers get to earn money in exchange for their hard work.

How to Sell NFT Art

You’re ready to start selling your digital art as NFTs. So how do you get started? Here are the basics to help you dive into the trade:

    • Design your art. First you’ll need to create your digital art and decide where you want to sell it. There are many platforms for selling NFT, such as Rarible and OpenSea.
    • Post on your NFT platform. Head to your platform of choice to create an NFT. Choose a file to upload in PNG, GIF, or other format.
    • Decide on a selling price. Set the price for your item, and be aware that there is a small percentage service fee.
  • Choose a name and description for your NFT.
    • Decide on royalties. Fortunately, you will get paid for your NFT if it is ever resold. The royalties are based on whatever it sells for.
  • Connect the NFT to your NFT wallet.
  • Pay a fee to process the listing.
  • Wait for the NFT to sell. Once someone buys the piece, you can find the funds in your digital wallet.
  • Use the money to buy other NFTs. Or you can cash out the money on apps like Coinbase.

Start Selling Your Art as an NFT

If you’re interested in making money creating digital art, selling in an NFT marketplace is a great way to get started. As long as your art is a unique digital file, it’s easy to list it for sale as NFT art and see what happens. After all, what do you have to lose?

Use Daz 3D to start designing high-quality digital art today and give the NFT marketplace a try!

  • Samora Robertson says:

    Are we allowed to resell the renders that we create from the assets we bought on the Daz store as NFT’s? Do we need a specially license to do so?

    • Yes, you can create NFTs using your renders. To quote our Interactive License info page:

      “Any 2D artwork you produce and render out is completely owned by you (unless specified otherwise on the product page). You can use your 2D works commercially, modify them, sell them, or promote them, as protected by the End User License Agreement (EULA). This is because the end product is a 2D render (your artwork) of the 3D model, as opposed to the original 3D Content.”

      Check out our Interactive License info page for more details about when you may need to purchase a license. Have fun and good luck!

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