The Newest Evolution Is Here: The Daz Season Pass!

an image with the Daz Season Pass logo, spots for the 5 early-release characters, and forum flair

We’re excited to announce our newest and most exciting offer yet: the Daz Season Pass. You’ve probably seen the awesome season passes in major games like Super Smash Bros. and Call of Duty, which give the most loyal customers some freebies and amazing items for a great deal. 

On April 5, 2021, the Daz Season Pass will be available and FULL of fun items for those who purchase it. This is our reward for each of you who jump on our new releases, are active in the forums, or just simply want to create incredible renders. So we’ve got a little something for each of those places.

What You’ll Receive

a gold question mark on a black and charcoal striped background

The Season Pass is a time-limited program (the earlier you purchase, the more you get) that gives you 5 free base characters before they are available to the public, and they’re even put into your product library automatically for your convenience. Plus, you’ll receive 5 free HD add-ons to bring those renders to life, as well as Forum Flair to show off in the forums when conversing and sharing techniques with other artists. 

The Forum Flair is time-limited as well! If you buy in the first week, you’ll receive Platinum Flair, the second week comes with Gold Flair, and anytime after that gets you Silver Flair. When you’re in the forums, your level of Forum Flair will appear next to your name so that everyone knows you are a Season Pass holder. 

the three different kinds of forum flair available with the Daz Season Pass

The second function of Forum Flair is in line with upcoming contests. You’ll submit your renders in the contest by entering them into the Gallery and then providing the link in the forums with “#seasonpass” as the category. That is your ticket to the contest and the prizes that come along with it (which you are going to love!). 

What’s even more exciting about entering render contests throughout the season is that the winners and runners-up of those contests who hold a Season Pass will have their art featured on the Daz Season Pass page and advertisements used for the Season Pass. That means that the art that you create will be seen by millions of people, and you could be the next inspiration for someone looking to get into 3D renders!

Let the Season Begin!

You can find all the updated information as the season progresses, as well as the times and dates for the live webinar included in the Platinum and Gold packages (the Silver package will get a recorded version of it) on the Season Pass page. Note that the Season Pass won’t be available in the last week of the season and is non-refundable as your items are automatically loaded into your library.

We want to continue to support, promote, and encourage fantastic art in our 3D universe, so we’re looking forward to seeing all the incredible renders you create! 

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