Daz 3D Joins Coinbase NFT as Launch Partner

Daz 3D x Coinbase

Daz 3D today announced the company will be a launch partner of Coinbase NFT. Coinbase NFT, a web3 social marketplace, recently entered Beta. Daz 3D will include their debut NFT collection, Non-Fungible People, on the platform.

Coinbase NFT amassed millions of people on their waitlist and the first set of beta testers will be able to create a Coinbase NFT profile to buy and sell NFTs using any self-custody wallet, whether that’s Coinbase Wallet or something else.

Daz 3D will be releasing a new NFT collection to launch exclusively on the new marketplace. More details about this collection will be released soon.

Daz 3D’s first NFT collection, Non-Fungible People (NFP), will be a featured collection on Coinbase NFT. NFP is 8,888 hyper-realistic female and non-binary avatars generated using the leading character generation technology on the market. Each avatar comes paired with a fully-rigged 3D model for advanced utility. Daz 3D has partnered with trendsetting corporations including Champion and Louis Moinet to bring exclusive NFT content to NFP holders.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a launch partner of Coinbase NFT,” said Scott Guttenberger, VP of Marketing at Daz 3D. “Coinbase has an unmatched track record as the leader in crypto exchange, and their NFT marketplace will bring new beautiful collections to a new audience for NFTs.”

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