What Is Retopology? A Beginner’s Guide

What Is Retopology? A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re interested in creating 3D models for video games, there’s certainly a sharp learning curve to getting started. Whether you’re recreating rustling leaves in the trees or hair blowing in the wind, imitating real life on the computer screen can be a massive undertaking.

Fortunately, there are many tools that allow designers to create lifelike mobile game assets in a fraction of the time the process might have taken a decade ago.

Retopology is one such tool that’s increasing in popularity with every passing year. But what is retopology, and how does it work? Check out our tips on how to use retopology for your 3D game design.

What Is Retopology?

Retopology is the process of optimizing the topology of a mesh, creating a cleaner, simpler mesh that can be used for sculpting a 3D object in animation.

In past decades, meshes needed to be built one polygon at a time. But retopology makes the sculpting process far more efficient, laying a low-polygon mesh over a high-polygon one to create a high-resolution image for video games and other purposes. Ultimately, it’s faster on computer processors and saves designers time and energy in the 3D sculpting process. 

What Is Retopology Used For?

Retopology is used for creating all types of high-resolution 3D models. Anything that requires highly textured animation can benefit from retopology, whether it’s a video game asset, mobile app character, or software design.

Most designers use retopology to create a smaller file size of a polygon mesh, making it optimal for animation in movies or video games.

How to Use Retopology

There are many programs designers can use to “retopo” a mesh. Some programs offer auto-retopology—a quick method that allows you to optimize a mesh by simply entering your desired number of polygons. The software will then generate the polygons automatically. This is an ideal tool for creating models that don’t require specific edge loops, like buildings or loot in video games.

Some programs offer a topology brush tool that allows users to draw lines on a mesh in order to convert a low-poly object into a high-poly object. Once the mesh has a single polygon thickness, it is ready for use. 

Check Out More Retopology Learning Resources

Retopology is an incredible tool that allows designers to save time and create realistic, detailed 3D models. Whether you’re creating mobile game assets like characters and vehicles or designing models for movies, retopology can enhance your design process.

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