Utah Business Explores How Daz 3D is Enabling Digital Identity Creators

CloneX Avatars

In this article from Utah Business, Daz 3D is featured as a major technology used in creating digital identities with utility beyond a simple profile picture. While many PFPs are 2D art, Daz 3D brings full 3D avatars to the space and provides fully-rigged models to be used in Daz Studio.

From the article:

This is where Daz 3D comes in. If you own an CloneX (RTFKT), you can use it to create content in Daz Studio, which has software tools with extra assets. Daz’s free software tools allow users to adjust the avatar’s body size and shape, pose it, customize skin tone, background, hair, and other features, and then apply digital clothes that automatically adjust to the size and shape of the avatar’s body. […]

“Daz makes it easy for anyone new to 3D to come in and start making free content,” Le says. “And supporting the creator economy is in both of our companies’ DNA.”

Avatars Are Influencers Now

In addition to exclusive digital apparel and 3D avatars, Daz 3D is used to create digital influencers. Daz has been helping people create some of the top digital fashion models and synthetic influencers out there.

The article continues:

Daz 3D tools also helped 3D designer Cameron-James Wilson give birth to Shudu, a lithe, Black model who has become the top virtual model hired by Hyundai, Glamour, and Lexus. Wilson, a former fashion photographer, hot into 3D design and virtual models a decade ago. As founder of The Diigitals, the first digital modeling agency, Wilson has created thousands of characters and “digital models” with Daz 3D for companies like Mercedez-Benz, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Vogue, In the future, the Diigitals will use Daz to create more animations, strand-based hair textures, and dress with realistic lookin sequins and furs.

“The Daz platform is so accessible for people. You can buy different clothes and add-ons, such as skin tones and strands of hair,” Wilson says.

Check out the full article at Utah Business to learn more about other Daz 3D partnerships and our vision for the future of digital identity.

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