Use Daz Studio with Unreal Engine for Faster Game Development

a female 3D model in a military-grade style helmet

Daz Studio is the perfect free tool for accelerating game development in regard to generating 3D models. Whether you are a beginner or even if you’ve never done 3D modeling before, our modular approach makes the task simple. To learn how to use Daz studio with Unreal Engine 4 for faster game development, check out this quick guide to our free product Daz Bridge to Unreal.

Why Daz Studio?

We recognize there are countless options available for curating 3D models. Daz Studio is an excellent choice because our goal with the software was to make 3D design accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level. Because of that, we made Daz Studio completely free. We believe that powerful software like this should be available for anyone to use, and we can’t wait to see what you create with it. You will be hard-pressed to find an easier, more intuitive software that produces professional results as quickly as Daz Studio!

We have a massive marketplace full of professionally designed 3D models that we meticulously test for accuracy and detail. You can rest assured that you will only find products of high quality and craftsmanship. Any items you purchase or download will add to a library that syncs automatically for easy use in Daz Studio.

Design a Character Fast!

After you have signed up with Daz 3D and downloaded Daz Studio for free, check out our marketplace. Daz Studio truly shines in character development, an otherwise notoriously difficult aspect of 3D creation. We take advantage of a series of base models, called Genesis 8, which you can use to create new and custom characters. As you build your character, selecting accessories, outfits, hairstyles, and more, be sure to read the description carefully and be sure that the products you select are compatible with Genesis 8 to ensure optimum results.

You can find all of your available items in your library in Daz Central. Once you have downloaded the desired items to your computer, open up a new project in Daz Studio. Select the “Smart Content” Tab on the left, then select: Figures > People > Male or Female > double click the Genesis 8 tile. This will load the Genesis 8 figure into the workspace.

a gif demonstrating how to find your characters in daz studio with smart content

Using the same Smart Content Panel, navigate to each item you selected for your character under the various categories such as hair, props, and wardrobe. Find your item and double click it to add the model onto your character. You can use the controls in the upper right corner of the workspace to inspect your model from all angles. Once you are satisfied, save the project.

Import Your Character into Unreal Engine 4

Now that you have your character ready for Unreal Engine, pick up this free Daz Studio plugin, Daz to Unreal Bridge. Once you install the plugin (see how the Daz to Unreal Bridge works here), make sure that you select a path inside the proper location where you store your UE4 files. Also, verify that you have the correct version of Unreal Engine installed; the current Bridge supports UE 4.23-4.25, with 4.26 support soon on the way.

You will also have to enable the plugin in Unreal. You can do so by opening your project in Unreal, navigating to Edit > Plugins (at the bottom of the dropdown menu). From there, search for the Daz to Unreal Bridge and activate the plugin by checking Enabled.

a screenshot demonstrating how to enable the Daz to Unreal Bridge in Unreal Engine

Open your project in Daz Studio. Once you are satisfied with your character, Navigate to File > Send To > Daz to Unreal Bridge. You may need to verify that the proper path is selected, but generally, the pre-filled settings will suffice. Refer to the Bridge documentation for more information on each setting.

a screenshot demonstrating how to import your file from daz studio to unreal engine

With your Unreal Engine project open, Unreal should import your assets automatically. You will now have access to your model within Unreal to use as you choose! The latest edition on Daz to Unreal Bridge allows you to not only import your character, but you can import animations as well. Or, you can easily apply any of the preset animations linked to the base UE4 character to the newly imported character.

With this awesome tool at your disposal, you can easily create amazing 3D characters for your games in Unreal Engine. Accelerate your game development in Unreal Engine 4 with Daz Studio and the Daz to Unreal Bridge. For more information or help, check out the Daz to Unreal Bridge developer tips.

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