Update to The Daz to Maya Bridge

Animate in Maya, Import to Daz

Daz 3D is excited to announce an update to the Daz to Maya Bridge!

This new update allows you to transfer animations from Maya into Daz 3D to continue to work on your project in Studio. That’s right — the Daz to Maya Bridge is no longer a single directional export! Now you can rig and retarget a skeleton in Maya and transfer that animation back into Studio.

The updated Daz to Maya Bridge marks serious progress in adding even more functionality to our popular Daz Bridges, and adds a new animation capability and arsenal to your Daz Studio Library, scenes, and projects. Now you can take amazing Daz 3D content, use it to build animations in Maya, and finish them wherever you want to work or your project is most functional, whether that’s Maya or Studio.

This update also includes minor bug fixes that amend the following issues:

  • Weight Issues of Diffuse Map
  • Color Space on Texture Maps in Maya
  • Using the right node for Normal Maps and Bump Maps
  • Hair Opacity Map disconnection when converting to Arnold

These changes are in large part due to user feedback on how the bridge works for you, as well as desires for added functionality, so we thank you for using Daz Bridges and keeping us informed as to how Daz Bridges work for you.

The new Daz to Maya Bridge can be downloaded for FREE here.

The Updated Daz to Maya Bridge Tutorial

Check out the FAQs for more advanced questions.

Happy creating!

  • Does Daz to Maya export the Michael 4 model? I can export Michael 8, but not 4. I just want to verify this is correct and if there is a work around.

    • Great question! Unfortunately, there’s no support in our collection of Bridges for content that old. However, the Daz to Maya Bridge does support the export of Genesis 8 and 8.1 characters.

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