Update to the Daz to Blender Bridge

a render of a fairy offering a flower to a wolf

We continue to update the Daz Bridges so you can take your customized 3D artwork with you to your preferred 3D platform. 

Daz has a seemingly endless 3D content library to create limitless combinations of environments, props, characters, poses, and more. You can even manually adjust presets so your art looks exactly the way you envisioned it. From there, Daz Bridges do all the hard work to transfer your art, rigs and all, into another 3D platform — so in this case, Blender.

But now, there’s even more the Daz to Blender Bridge can do for you.

What’s New

There have been previous updates to the Blender Bridge, but this one fills in a missing piece. You’ve already ported your environments, props, and characters with their poses, clothing, and accessories into Blender, so what’s next?

That’s right, Animations.

You’ll take your 3D project to the next level when you port your animations from Daz Studio to Blender. Your Daz 3D content makes your work in Blender that much easier!

Other updates to this Bridge include:

  • Fixed skeleton issues after importing, such as rotations and rotation order
  • Support for Blender 2.90 and 2.91

Using the Blender Bridge Is Easy

If you’re more comfortable working in a 3D platform other than Daz Studio, we make it easy to take your work with you wherever you go. Once you download Daz Studio (which is totally free), you’ll get the Daz to Blender Bridge, as well as all the other Bridges, for free! Using Daz Bridges is as simple as Download, Build, Transfer, and Finalize.

If you have other questions about the Blender Bridge, have a look at these FAQs.

Download the Daz to Blender Bridge here.

  • The eyes of the G8Male and G3Male characters pop out and relocate outside the face between the brows; when the “to Rigify” armature is used. The female characters so far seem to work fine. The Rigify armature is ideal to overcome the pinning shortfalls in Daz animations. The default armature can “sometimes” not always make use of IK to also pin body parts such as the feet when doing walk animations.
    I do not know if the DTB bridge is automatically updated or if one should download periodically. I suggest the updates are shown by their versions in the shopping basket or somewhere in the shopping pages.

  • The bridge does not work. At all. It will not install into daz studio. Not even through daz central. Right back to Photoshop. Works perfectly.

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