Up Your Game with the Octane Render Engine

Up your Render Game with Octane Render and the FREE Octane Render Kit from Daz 

The Octane Render engine is a Render engine plugin for Daz Studio that gives you amazing results fast! While Iray and 3Delight are great render engines, sometimes they can take a really long time to render and finish your 3D scene. If you only have a small scene, are working with a tight turnaround time, or have yet to build your ideal super-fast (and kind of pricey) system, then you need a lighter and faster render engine that takes less time and works with diverse systems. 

The Octane Render Engine for Daz Studio is a free Daz Studio plugin offered by OTOY, a cloud graphics and image technology company, that gives you sensational results in a fraction of the time. Octane Render is the world’s first unbiased spectrally correct GPU render engine. Even though that might sound complicated, it’s pretty easy to use, and Octane Render makes high quality renders at an amazing speed.

To get you started making astounding high-quality images in a fraction of the time, Daz Studio is offering the FREE Octane Render Kit, a pre-built set of Materials for your favorite characters, HDRI Environments, Mesh Lights and Light Presets, and anything else you need to finish your scene and render in Octane.


The Octane Render Kit from Daz (FREE!)

The Octane Render Kit from Daz, FREE in the Daz Shop, gives you everything you need to convert materials in Studio before you render in Octane. Before the Octane Render Kit, users had to manually adjust and custom build materials, lights, shaders and render settings.

The Octane Render Kit makes this process a breeze, created specifically for the Daz Studio workflow: instead of all that manual work, the Octane Render Kit gives you one-click, ready-to-render solutions custom built from the Daz Studio Content Library!

This Kit comes with full material sets for Genesis 8 Male and Female in four different skin tones and two glossiness levels. You also get a variety pack of Shader presets including 49 base shaders like metals, water, glass, paints, and more. And last, and most importantly for amazing renders, the ORK ships with complete lighting solutions: you get custom mesh lights, 8 preset environments, and 5 HDRI settings, plus 8 ready-to-load scenes to work with.

You also get a series of Octane Render Kit video walkthrough tutorials, to get you familiar with Octane Render and help you achieve amazing render results!


Render with Octane Today!

The Octane Render engine for Daz Studio is totally free, and with the Octane Render Kit (also totally free!) you’ll be on your way to making astounding 3D images with a brand new render engine that’s super fast and works with your system.

Get the Octane Render Kit for FREE and start building your 3D masterpiece today!


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