Right Now is the Perfect Time to Learn 3D Art

The past two months have proven that in just a short span of time, a lot can change across the world. So many things are different — not only how plenty of people live and work, but how we decompress and what we do in our free time.

At Daz 3D, we think it’s important to do the things that really matter to you, no matter what those things are. We’re lucky enough to be able to focus on doing what we love, and we think that 3D art is an excellent way to spend time when so much is chaotic.

If you have a little extra downtime, right now is the perfect time to add 3D art to your portfolio. If you’re missing regular gatherings with friends, there’s a worldwide community of 3D artists who can’t wait to talk with you and help you get started with 3D art. And if you’re just now getting into 3D, we want to give you some tips from the Daz Team, and tutorials, to get you started off right.

Tips from the Daz Team to help you get started in 3D

  1. Come up with a backstory“Before you get started making a scene, it helps to come up with a backstory — Where are you? What brought you to this new place? Who lives here? What do they do?”-Ty, COO
  2. Be deliberate“Don’t be afraid to be nit-picky and be deliberate about your scene. Choices on posing your models, texture, lighting, and especially camera placement can change the scene completely!”-Kristin, Marketing Manager
  3. Take a break“Take a break. If you feel like you’re starting to lose your way or hit a creative roadblock, take a moment to clear your head (or a half hour 🙂 ). Then come back and start again.”-Lefty, Graphic Designer
  4. Save your work“Save your work — constantly!! Rendering and making 3D art strains your CPU, so getting in the habit of constantly saving will ensure you don’t lose your work.”-Rob, Creative Manager
  5. Make your own story“Think of your 3D models beyond the way they’re presented. Your characters only really work when they’re in your hands. How can you use your 3D content to make your own story?”-Stephanie, Director of Marketing

Video Tutorials for 3D Beginners

And just in case Daz Studio seems a little intimidating, our video tutorials for beginner 3D artists will help you make your unique 3D art! Take a look at how you can get into 3D right now:

Daz 3D Tutorial: What is Daz Studio? The Free 3D Art Software from Daz 3D

Daz 3D Tutorial: Getting Started in Daz Studio

Daz 3D Tutorial: How to Set Up a 3D Scene for Beginners

Daz 3D Tutorial: How to Download Content for Daz Studio

Daz 3D Tutorial: Use Auto-Fit on Your 3D Figure’s Clothes to Get the Right Fit

Art is important.

Right now, hobbies are important, especially making art.

In difficult times, the best anyone can do is take extra good care of themselves and others. At Daz 3D, we love making 3D art and sharing free 3D art tools. We hope that creating 3D art becomes an activity that you love to do, too.

Download Daz Studio today.

  • I agree! I first started out with Daz to make covers for the books that I write. I soon began to understand the power of Daz. Like reading (or writing) a book, it can be escapism, which is a wonderfull form of entertainment, release, and destressing, but most of all beautiful art. So, now, I render all day long while writing in between!

  • Joanna Ward says:

    Daz Studio has opened up so many aspects of my creativity. Since I’m at home all day now, I’ve taken my learning to a new level. Like Dean, I write and create renders all day. Daz gave me the tools to fully visualize my characters and scenes, while also providing free modeling software with Hexagon to indulge my modeling ideas. It’s never too late to learn 3D art. Most all of us have time to do it now.

  • Danny Bright says:

    The fact that this amazing program is totally free should make anyone download it. There is no other art program that I know of that is this easy to pick and and get started with. Looking for a cool, fun second income? Well, jump in and learn a little each day and the possibilities will jump out at you. I am a professional writer and I use Daz Studio to make the covers for all of my books. It saves me lots of money and the fun and creativity that I get to experience is very satisfying. Don’t miss out! Get involved with Daz today and decorate the walls of your home with not some obscure artists work, but your own!

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