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a render of a woman with a sword leaning against a wall

What does it take to create a high-quality portrait in Daz Studio? There are multiple factors, including finding the right hairstyle, dialing in a realistic expression, setting up lighting, and choosing detailed models. Rauko001’s Daz Gallery combines all of these and more for tons of great examples of the portraits you can render with Daz. 

Let’s take a look at some of their Gallery images and share the Daz products used so you can create realistic portraits like Rauko001.

The Temple Warrior

This image has dramatic lighting and shadows that pair well with the dim, firelit background, and the chain mail reflects the light to draw your eyes to the center. The shadows aren’t harsh and the background is slightly blurred, making the character a captivating subject.

Item used: DJ Thea HD for Genesis 8.1 Female

a render of victoria 9 lounging in a night gown

Lounging In My Night Dress

Victoria really takes this image to the next level. Genesis 9 is the latest Daz figure generation, and it’s easy to see the level of detail and realism in those freckles! The depth of field here keeps you focused on the face, trying to figure out the emotions behind her expression.

Item used: Victoria 9 HD

a realistic render of a woman sitting and resting her head on her arms


It’s amazing the details Rauko001 highlights in this render. There’s a subtle shine on the character’s upper lip and, if you look a little closer, vellus hair on her arms catching the light. Plus, the relaxed pose and expression create a soft, contemplative look.

As a bonus, you can watch Rauko work on this portrait in their YouTube tutorial on how to preview strand-based hair in Daz Studio.

Items used:

a realistic 3d portrait of a woman in a dress sitting in front of a bookshelf

Penny For Your Thoughts

This is another great example of how high-quality assets can make all the difference in your scene. The character’s realistic skin features and flyaway hairs, plus the lighting and depth of field, make this an incredibly realistic 3D render.

Items used: 

a 3d portrait of a woman with a spear crouching


Lighting choice is essential if you want to mimic real-world light and shadows. In this image, the front of the character is mostly in shadow (albeit very soft shadow), while the light illuminates the side of her face, arm, and behind her ear, which also helps separate the character from the background.

The dirt on her face is another great touch.

Item used: Caprica HD with HD Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female

a render of a girl hiding in the shadows behind a tree

Hiding Behind a Tree

You don’t have to put your character in the spotlight to create a realistic 3D render. In fact, this Rauko001 image proves otherwise. Placing your character in the shadows with a few key areas illuminated creates an air of mystery and intrigue that makes you wonder who she’s hiding from.

Item used: Imoen HD with HD Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female

a realistic 3d portrait of a woman sitting on a rock by a river

Warrior By The River

At this point, it’s safe to say that Rauko001 is a pro at lighting a 3D portrait. The shimmering effect on the blurred background — plus a light behind the character to illuminate her outline and stray hairs — really make her pop!

Item used: Noemi HD & Smile HD Expression for Genesis 8 Female

Render Your Own Portraits and More!

Admiring others’ art is a great way to find motivation and inspiration for your next piece. So join the Daz community and share your own renders in the Gallery. There’s so much you can do with Daz, and we can’t wait to see what you create!

Want to learn how to make the most of your Daz products? Check out our video tutorials and tune in to our monthly In the Studio livestreams for tips and tricks on everything from character portraits to lighting and camera angles in Daz Studio.

  • Absolutely, creating high-quality portraits in Daz Studio takes attention to detail. Rauko001’s Daz Gallery showcases exemplary work that combines various factors like hairstyles, expressions, lighting, and detailed models. It’s a valuable resource for inspiration and product selection to enhance the realism and quality of your own Daz Studio portraits. Happy rendering!

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