New Updates: the Daz to Blender Bridge 2.0!

If you thought the Daz to Blender Bridge was cool before, you’ll love the Daz to Blender Bridge 2.0, with tons of updated and new functionality!

With this revamp, even more of the Daz content you love is ready for direct export to Blender.  The newest version of the Daz to Blender Bridge lets you take Props, Multiple Characters and even Environments from Studio to Blender with added support. Like to strike a Pose? Bring your Daz Poses to Blender with added Pose support!

We’ve also added sizing abilities, support for Daz Animals, Genesis and Genesis 2, general Character Optimizations, and additional supports for shaders, weight maps, characters with props, and finished it all off with support for 2.90.

New Features in the Daz to Blender Bridge 2.0

Fully Supported for import:

  • Environment
  • Props
  • Posed Characters
  • Simultaneous Multiple Character/Environment import
  • Prop/Character import

Added Basic Supports:

  • Genesis
  • Genesis 2
  • Daz Animals

Now you can add multiple characters to your scene in one transfer, bring in a posed character with a prop, and keep creating in your other favorite 3D software with even more of the functional, photo-real and versatile Daz content you love.

Get the Daz to Blender Bridge 2.0 for FREE!

Questions? See our updated Daz to Blender Bridge FAQs.

Daz to Blender

  • tengo una pregunta el puente anterior de daz studio a blender no funciona para blender 2.90 o estoy haciendo algo mal no me salta en add-ons

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