Making the Adorable Dogs of NFPets

Connect with the project’s lead producer, Dave Desautels, on the process of making NFPets and his hopes for these super cute avatar companions.

What is the metaverse without pets? Until now, the lack of super cute companions has left a deficit of joy and play that we at Daz feel had to be corrected. Enter NFPets. 

The collection of hyper-realistic 3D dogs is a free upgrade for any holder of a Non-Fungible People NFT. The collection of up to 8,888 unique NFT dogs ranges from super cute to out-of-this-world and even a few freaky pups. No matter what they look like, they are hard not to love.

We think no avatar should be left lonely in the metaverse, and our own Dave Desautels has led the effort to create the perfect companions for everyone. Even avatars as strong and independent as NFPs.

Made with Love in 3D

This was a project of love for Dave, made possible by Daz. “I really scoured the Daz 3D store to find the best dog models, clothing, accessories, props, poses, and expressions for inspiration,” said Dave. In the end, NFPets is made of 11 breeds with over 100 properties.

Dave, the lead producer of NFPets, was pleasantly surprised by the realism he and his team were able to achieve with these doggos. He found the posable, 3D pets extremely true to life, able to express a wide range of emotions. 

And Dave didn’t work alone. In collaboration with Daz 3D’s Chief Product Officer, Ty Duperron, Dave reached out to a team of talented Daz artists — including ChangelingChick, Lyoness, and Jessaii — to help see this project to fruition. The team was then able to craft a one-of-a-kind collection of NFT dogs that are metaverse-ready.

Exclusive Companions for NFP Holders

For each NFP owned, the holder can mint a free Sparky, a lovable Golden Lab NFPet. The Lab is fully-rigged and ready to be posed and played with in Daz Studio. 

Owners can then purchase a Dog Treat Upgrade for their good doggies, allowing the holder to roll five times for a transformed, unique Super Sparky and a chance at a rare or legendary breed. These include everything from cyberpunk dogs to dire wolves to little French Bulldogs with a wide range of clothes, accessories, and props.

As Good as the Real Thing

While a lot of complicated work went into making NFPets, the end goal is simple. “I hope people get the same thing out of NFPets as they would with any real pet,” said Dave. “To see that adorable face looking back at you and feeling the childlike joy that dogs bring to all of us.”

Each NFPet is meticulously crafted by our artists and has a lot of love to give, but Dave can’t help having a favorite. “I’m partial to the little French Bulldog because she has an adorable look that melts your heart.” 

We can’t wait to see NFPets join the metaverse! Mint your free + gas Sparky today at this site through July 15. And make sure to check out the collection on OpenSea.

  • Art Himself says:

    Love it! perhaps one day i’ll finish converting a freebie obj Schnauzer & Greyhound with that developer kit in Daz3d’s Daz Dog 8.
    Would be nice to see more breeds in daz, tho.

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