Making Custom Models for 3D Printing With Daz Studio

a render of 2 silvery dragons in a silver lake

Daz Studio is a totally free program that allows users to create custom models using highly morphable and interchangeable 3D content. We have a massive library of 3D models, and our Bridges allow you to easily export them into other programs. This means that you can use Daz Studio to design exactly what you’re looking for in a model, export it to a free program like Blender, and use that file for 3D printing!

Follow these seven easy steps that guide you through downloading Daz Studio, customizing your figure, and transferring it to Blender.

Step 1: Download the Software

If you haven’t already, register for an account. Daz Studio is free to download and easy to set up. You will also be prompted to download DazCentral. This serves as a hub between Daz Studio and our site where you can keep all of your purchased assets organized and access them within your projects in Daz Studio.

Step 2: Design Your Model

If you’re making a human, you’ll start with Genesis 8 Female or Male as the base, which is free and included with your download. We also have character morphs in our shop, which can be applied to your Genesis characters to change the way they look.

Take your pick from free to premium content to find the following for your character:

  • Hair
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Pose

While you’re browsing the shop, go ahead and download the Daz to Blender Bridge as well, which is totally free. You’ll need it later.

an amazon forest archer shooting a bow
“Amazon: Forest Archer” by Mich40ish in the Daz Gallery

Step 3: Assemble the Character in Daz Studio

Open Daz Studio, and once the scene loads, navigate to the left and click on the Smart Content tab. You’ll see a tree list.

Locate Figures > People > Genesis 8. Double click and Daz Studio will automatically render it in the scene view.

Still in the Smart Content tab, navigate to Hair, Wardrobe, and Accessories respectively. Double click each item. As long as you have your base character selected in the far-right Scene panel, Daz Studio will automatically place each item on your character for you.

Now that you have the character assembled, navigate to Poses and apply the pose you selected in the same way.

Step 4: Make Adjustments

Studio does a great job morphing outfits and accessories to characters, though you may have see-through in some areas at times. This can be fixed using the Shaping tab.

Select the item you want to adjust in the Scenes window, and use the dials to adjust its fit.

Step 5: Import Your Character to Blender Using the Bridge

Access the Bridge by clicking on Scripts in the navigation bar (top of the screen), and, under Bridges, select Blender > Daz to Blender.

You will be prompted to choose SubDiv 0, SubDiv 1, and SubDiv2. Leave the default and press Accept.

In the next window, uncheck the box at the top, and then hit Accept. You should now have an .obj file containing the mesh, a .mtl file containing the materials, and an .fbx file containing the rig saved.

a detailed closeup of an orc in armor
By GaryMcIntyre in the Daz Gallery

Step 6: Bring It All Together in Blender

Now, you can open Blender. We are going to have to configure an add-on in Blender so you can bring everything together.

Inside Blender: Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > enable DaztoBlender.

In the window editor: DaztoBlender > Import New Genesis 3,8.

Blender will now import the model you exported from Daz Studio.

Step 7: Prepare Your Model for 3D Printing

Now that you’ve your customized character or model in Blender, you are ready to follow your usual pipeline for preparing the model for 3D printing. Check out the Blender for 3D printing tutorial if you need help making additional adjustments within Blender. If you love the model just the way it is, go ahead and export it as an .stl file. Once this is done, you can import the model into your preferred slicer and 3D print it!

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Featured Image: “Chatting Dragons” by Horo in the Daz Gallery

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