Make 3D Mockups and Concept Designs with Daz 3D

concept design by Brian Matyas

Daz 3D helps beginners, designers, and professionals create mockups and concept designs for their projects, no matter how big they are. Just ask Brian Matyas, Senior Concept Designer for Lucasfilm ltd., who had a tight deadline for a pitch painting to get approval and move forward with The Mandalorian.

With ready-made props and environments, HDRI background images, and thousands of supporting characters designed with Daz 3D’s smart character system, making mockups, designs, and concept art for bigger projects is a snap. And Daz Studio helps designers get the traction they need quickly at early steps in the creative process.

Daz is perfect for designers and artists who are working with a quick turnaround time, and Studio is the free, high-quality 3D software that’s ready for anybody, especially beginners who want to get into 3D art but don’t know where to start.

Similarly, if you’re working on a game on a tight deadline, check out How to Use Free 3D Models for Faster Game Development.

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