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Whether you’re new to Daz Studio, returning after a break, or a frequent dabbler — there’s always something more to learn. The Daz Studio Masterclass is now available, offering in-depth tutorials for creators of all skill levels. Jay Versluis, the host of several ongoing Daz 3D livestreams, has compiled hours upon hours of tutorial courses in this 3-part series ranging from beginner to advanced. 

Better yet, Part 1 of the series is FREE for everyone. And if you’re a Daz+ Member, you’ve already unlocked exclusive access to Parts 2 and 3! Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll learn. 

Masterclass Part 1: Intro to Daz Studio (Beginner)

Part 1 of the Masterclass is a free course and overview of Daz Studio with a runtime of just over 6 hours. These beginner-level tutorials are great for new Studio users, or for those who’ve been away for a while and need a refresher. 

Jay covers many hidden features you may have overlooked and shows you how to work most efficiently without getting lost in overwhelming details. By the end of this part, you’ll be able to create great-looking portraits with plenty of adjustments. 

Exclusive Courses for Daz+ Members

Daz+ Members get exclusive access to Parts 2 and 3 of the Masterclass! Become a Daz+ Member to unlock instant access to exclusive Masterclass courses, incredible savings on thousands of Daz Original products, and so much more. Become a Daz+ Member today! 

Already a member? Read on for a preview of what you’ll learn in Parts 2 and 3. 

Masterclass Part 2: Into the Deep End (Intermediate)

Part 2 delves much deeper into Daz Studio at a runtime of 7 hours and 30 minutes, building on what you’ve learned in the previous videos. Jay explores complex topics such as posing characters, surface properties, and how external apps can be used to adjust the items inside Daz Studio without losing their functionality. 

By the end of this part, you’ll create another portrait from scratch with many custom adjustments, and we’ll take a look at fine-tuning your render with post-production tools.

Masterclass Part 3: Post-Production and Additional Tools (Advanced)

In this final part, Jay covers additional tools that can improve your workflow over time. Most things in 3D can be done in a variety of different ways, and part of the journey is to find the tools that work best for you and your projects.

Follow an overview of options and possibilities, tips and tricks, and Jay’s experiences with many helpful tools he’s come across over the years.

About the Instructor: Jay Versluis

Jay Versluis, host and creator of the Daz Masterclass, has been working in Daz Studio since 2006. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge on his YouTube channel and hosts monthly Daz livestreams such as “In the Studio With Daz 3D,” Daz+ exclusive tutorial content, and more. 

You can also check out previous livestreams and other quick tips from Jay on the Daz 3D YouTube channel

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  • Think it’s great the way you are rolling out new features for users to see/review. Wondering if there is an opportunity for users to make suggestions for content that is not yet available, like a praying mantis man/creature, or polar bear with ice floe. Thanks

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