It’s Time To Make First Contact With the Cronos-7 Visitors

Cronos-7 Visitors are finally making their debut on June 9, 2022. On behalf of our amazing artist Mario V. and the entire team at Daz 3D who helped make this project a reality, we are thrilled for you to meet this amazing collection of zany and downright badass alien avatars. We’re proud to introduce our roadmap for the project and what you can expect down the road.

The collection is now live! Make first contact and mint your Visitor at today! 

Explore Themed Limited Collections

Arriving on Earth from Hestia, the seventh moon of planet Cronos, Cronos-7 Visitors are an advanced, curious, and diverse alien race. Led by their leader, Lady Cronos, most of the Visitors mean us no harm. As you explore the collection, you’ll discover 9 Themed Limited Collections from war-mongering ninjas and star troopers to space navigators and an ancient race of alien vampires, too.

Each Themed Limited Collection offers a unique glimpse into a different aspect of Visitor culture, or reflects a cool slice of pop culture, so you’re sure to find a limited collection Visitor that matches your interests, too.

Discover 1-of-1 Visitor Legends

As if themed mini collections weren’t already cool enough, Cronos-7 Visitors also offers 21 Visitor Legends. These are where the collection really shines, showcasing the best of Mario’s work. These Legends are made up entirely of unique traits you won’t find anywhere else. From goofy characters to insidious warriors, these Legends are impressive, with ultra-rarity statuses to boot. 

Get Ready for Next-Level Utility

If you’re a Non-Fungible People holder, or are familiar with our debut NFT collection, you know what kind of utility our NFTs offer. Cronos-7 Visitors is no different, but this time around we are just lending our publishing know-how and support to an independent artist and Daz expert user, Mario V, aka Strangefate.

3D Models

Each of the 7,777 Visitors includes a fully rigged, full-body 3D avatar which includes the featured outfit, and some even come with additional props and companions. Powered by Daz Studio, each Visitor is fully compatible with all the features of Daz Studio, meaning you will be able to customize them however you like.

Built for the Metaverse

Cronos-7 Visitors are built for the metaverse, and the 3D files you receive will be compatible with all the leading video game engines, like Unity, Unreal Engine, and more. As the Metaverse continues to grow and expand, you will be prepared with an awesome avatar to represent yourself digitally, with the ability to use your avatar in live streams.

Join Us on an Out-of-This-World Roadmap

7 Visitors Roadmap

The Cronos-7 Visitors roadmap is our commitment to holders to offer continued value to the project. As you explore the roadmap, you’ll see a combination of valuable benefits, from 3D files and utility releases, to real-world rewards like giveaways.

Roadmap Highlights to Look Forward To

Planned giveaways for the community include:

  • Alien merch giveaways
  • Observatory ticket giveaway
  • Telescope giveaway
  • Alienware laptop giveaway
  • Tickets to NFT.NYC

3D utilities on the horizon:

  • 3D rigged files
  • Compatibility with popular game engines
  • Raffle for a full 3D scene designed by one of our artists
  • Put your avatar in AR/VR
  • Use your avatar in live streams

NFT rewards and additional drops:

  • Ability to join future partner’s allowlists
  • Raffle for a Loaded Lion NFT
  • NFT airdrops
  • A free NFT art poster

Minting Benefits

Cronos 7 Visitors Minting June 9, 2022

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to show off your best diamond hands and become a Cronos-7 Visitor holder. But we’re also offering even more value with minter’s benefits, available to anyone who picks up at least one Visitor during the public sale. Benefits include:

  • Daz+ Membership valued at $118. If you love Daz Studio, this is a great way to save money and gain access to special deals and pricing on 3D assets in our online marketplace.
  • Merch drop for the first 300 minters.
  • A specially curated Daz Bundle giveaway
  • A collectors’ card NFT

From Launch to Beyond

We are so excited about this collection, and we hope you are, too. Not only will you find some fun and downright amazing art and design, but we’re also beyond proud of our roadmap and the incredible journey this community is about to go on. June 9th and the public sale on is just the beginning. We’ve also committed to our community that we will present Roadmap 2 as soon as the collection reaches $5 million in volume.

Get your Cronos-7 Visitor now at! Don’t delay, there’s only 7,777 and this is a collection of intergalactic proportions you won’t want to miss. 

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