I’m Totally New to Daz — How Do I Set Up Daz Studio? (Part III)

You’ve followed every step to the tee, and something’s not quite right.  The most common problems for new users are:


  1. I tried to install the program, but it didn’t work

    Make sure you’ve downloaded the correct installer file for your operating system and hardware capacity.  If you are sure you have downloaded the correct file, it’s possible that the download did not complete successfully, so you may need to download it again.

    If you haven’t installed or aren’t using the DIM, do so before you check anything else.

    Click here to reinstall DIM and Daz Studio
  1. I can’t find any Starter Essentials Packs

    Genesis 8 Starter Essentials should have auto-installed with Daz Studio, but it may also be manually downloaded and installed. You can find different Starter Essentials in the Product Library, or you can use the DIM to find Starter Essentials for you.

  2. I can’t find my content…

    You should be able to load content from two different panes in Daz Studio: Smart Content and the Content Library.  Most content will appear in Smart Content, and everything that’s properly installed should appear in the Content Library.

    If you can’t find any content in the Content Library, it’s likely that Daz Studio is not looking in the correct location where the files are installed (or perhaps the content was not installed correctly).  Left-click the option menu icon on the Content Library pane and go to the Content Directory Manager. You’ll need to add the folder containing your content to Daz Studio Formats.

  3. Smart Content appears to be empty

    Some content, particularly older items and content from other sites, will not appear in Smart Content, often because they don’t have metadata.  You’ll need to manually load these items via the Content Library.

  4. I bought something but it’s not available through the DIM

    Virtually every Daz 3D product is now available through DIM. If you purchase one that is not available, and you would like to install the missing product immediately, you can download it from My Account>Product Library.  Keep in mind that if you do this, DIM will not recognize that you have installed it.

If you’re still having trouble, check our FAQs.  If the problem persists, submit a Help Ticket to our Customer Service.  We’re here to help you start making your own 3D art!

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