I’m Totally New to Daz — How Do I Set Up Daz Studio? (Part II)

The Daz Install Manager is up and running, and you want to get going!  You’re close; there are just a few steps left:

  1. Install Daz Studio (yay!):
    1. Click the “My Account” link at the top of the webpage.
    2. On the menu at the top of the screen, click “Product Library.”
    3. Find and click on “Daz Studio 4.12” in the list of products.
    4. Choose the appropriate file for your system (generally 64 bit for Windows or Mac, 32 if applicable).
    5. Follow the installation instructions as prompted.
    6. “Genesis 8 Starter Essentials” auto-installs with Daz Studio 4.12.
    7. This starter pack is totally free and offers base female and male characters, hair, a starter outfit, and lots of preset poses so you can start creating right away!
    8. Follow the same process to install any additional Starter Essentials packages.
    9. Phew — you’re done, for now.  Start the software and follow the instructions on your screen to get started.
    10. Each time you acquire additional content through the Daz 3D store, you’ll need to click “My Account,” then “Product Library,” then download and install the corresponding file.
    11. Find Genesis 8 Starter Essentials in the DIM and start creating!
  1. Time for the Daz Tutorial:
    1. This tutorial will guide you through basic elements of how to get going with Daz Studio.
    2. The Daz Tutorial teaches how to load in a new figure, how to apply hair and clothes to your figure, load an environment, and apply a pose preset.
    3. The tutorial also covers further posing and shaping your character so you can make individual character adjustments for your scene.
    4. Don’t miss out on the quick tips and keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation
    5. Lastly, the tutorial will show you how to set up your first render and start rendering!

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