I’m Totally New to Daz — How Do I Set Up Daz Studio? (Part I)

Welcome to Daz 3D!  We’re here to help you get the most out of Daz Studio.  If you’re a new user, this series of posts will help you get the most out of Daz Studio.

  1. If you haven’t already, create a new account.
    1. Go to Daz Studio’s Free Download page
    2. Confirm the link sent to you by email to start your download of Daz Studio.

  2. To use Daz Install Manager (DIM):
    1. DIM is the way to get the most out of your content.  It offers an avenue for you to download your content with less hassle or work on your part.
    2. DIM helps you organize your content, alerts to you available updates, and offers an optimized exchange of information.
    3. The Daz Install Manager should auto-install with Daz Studio.  If it has not, go to this page.
    4. Click the “Download Free Now” link, choosing the appropriate link for your operating system.
    5. Install the DIM.  It should be fairly straightforward, but additional information can be found here if you encounter any issues.
    6. Note that you can click the gear icon in the upper right corner to indicate to DIM which programs you’re currently using, after which it will show only files for the specific program.
    7. Load DIM after a purchase or free download, and to see newly available files and updates.

Next post: Time to Install Daz Studio!

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