How to Use Your Legacy Content With Genesis 9 Figures

use daz legacy content with Genesis 9 figures

Genesis 9 characters are now available, but if you’ve been with Daz for a while, you probably already have a go-to collection of poses, clothing, and more from earlier figure generations. Here are a few handy tools to help you convert some of your favorite items for use with Genesis 9. 

Convert Poses for Use With Genesis 9 Characters

Poses are essential to creating a convincing scene, and once you’ve found a favorite set, it’s hard to let go. Well, now you don’t have to! Teach your Genesis 9 characters how to strike a classic pose with these recent releases. 

Genesis 3 and 8 to 9 Pose Converter

Use your entire Genesis 3 and 8 pose library with your Genesis 9 characters in just a few clicks with this easy-to-use script! Check out the Genesis 3 and 8 to 9 Pose Converter in action:

Converts the following from Genesis 3, 8, and 8.1:

  • Full Poses
  • Partial Poses
  • Hierarchical Pose types
  • Both Male and Female Pose sets
  • Ability to Auto-Load poses or only when you click Apply

Pose Companion for Genesis 9

The Pose Companion for Genesis 9 plugin allows you to apply Genesis 8 poses to Genesis 9 figures directly. 

Unlike other pose converters you might know, this plugin does not require creating temporary converted pose files on disk. In fact, it does not write any files at all. It converts poses immediately during loading:

  • 1. Select a pose preset file in either the Content Library or Smart Content.
  • 2. Select a Genesis 9 figure in the scene.
  • 3. Press the Ctrl + Alt + P hotkey, or select the “Convert and apply selected pose” menu item in the “Convert” menu in the Daz Studio menu bar.

It’s blazingly fast and super easy to use!

Ultimate Pose Converter Bundle for Genesis 9

If you have a large library of poses from previous figure generations, consider checking out the Ultimate Pose Converter Bundle for Genesis 9. This bundle includes a collection of 5 Bone Minion products that give you the power to convert any pose for use with Genesis 9 figures. 

  • On-the-fly conversion of poses to your target figure
  • Works with full poses, partial poses, hierarchical poses, and even AniBlocks!
  • Automatically applies full poses when they are loaded
  • Cross-gender pose conversion

Use the Clothing You Already Own With Genesis 9 Characters

AutoFit helps fit clothes from previous generations to your Genesis 9, but it sticks all skirts, loincloths, and other items directly to the legs. This doesn’t look right in many poses. 

SY Ultra Templates for Genesis 9 adds the option to add user-controlled bones and handles to your items that allow you to pose multiple kinds of dresses and skirts, loincloths, capes, and split-skirted items like coats and tunics. It’s easy — just pick the template from the dropdown in your AutoFit popup, and you’re good to go! 

Apply Legacy UVs to Genesis 9 Characters

Legacy UVs for Genesis 9: Genesis 3, 8, and 8.1 Female enables you to use Genesis 3 Base, Genesis 8, and Genesis 8.1 Female textures on Genesis 9.

The geografts act as a second skin, and because they have their own independent UV maps, they can serve as surfaces to seamlessly display textures that would otherwise be unavailable for the Genesis 9 mesh.

The preparation stage loads the geografts and creates Legacy Surface Selection sets for Genesis 9. Optional toolbar icons are available for convenient access to the “Prepare” and “Apply UVs” scripts. UV support for the anatomical elements is also included.

Get More Genesis 9 Content

Looking for more Genesis 9 content? Our most advanced figure generation is only just beginning. Check back daily for Genesis 9 new releases and deals! 

  • Kevin Phillips says:

    I have the excellent “Hands Dial-up” for Gen 8 Male by Neikdian. I can’t seem to make it work using the Zev0 pose converter, though. If nothing else, can I ask him if he’s working on a similar assset for Gen9. (I saw no way to contact him/her directly.)

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