How to Turn a 3D.SK Body Scan into a Genesis Morph in Daz Studio

Premier Tutorial: 3D.SK to Genesis in Daz Studio

Today we are back in Daz Studio with Jay Versluis, digital guru and all-things Daz extraordinaire. Jay has been a longtime user of Daz Studio, even since before the days of YouTube. Nowadays, you can find him on his YouTube channel The WP Guru, or as of late in the official In the Studio with Daz 3D live streams.

Jay has brought us something unique this time around with a look at some powerful tools and software Daz users can put to work in their favor. We’ve been partnering with over the past few months with an awesome deal that gives Daz users 15% off any purchase from With the help of Jay, you will learn over the course of 4 video tutorial segments how to transfer a highly-detailed body scan from and transfer it to Daz Studio for use with Genesis 8 characters. is a powerful resource full of tools 3D artists, designers, and studios use every day to create AAA-quality games, animations, and more. Now even you, no matter where you are in your own 3D journey, can learn and dive into everything this professional resource has to offer. Jay’s tutorial series will empower you with the knowledge and ability to adapt almost any 3D model or body scan to a suitable working state for Daz Studio.

Getting Started

If you want to follow along, head over to 3D.SK and pick up the Base Scan of Kassandra’s Body using our special checkout code: DAZ&3Dsk.

In the first tutorial, Jay walks you through everything you need to do to get started with this process, and shows you how to bring the body scan from into Daz Studio and prepare it for the morph process.

Importing and Wrapping

To proceed, you will also need a trial, or license purchase of the software R3DS Wrap, which is how you will wrap the body scan around the Genesis 8 base character model. By following Jay’s instructions, you will learn how this powerful and robust system can help you create compatibility for different models within Daz Studio!

The Russian 3D Scanner, or R3DS Wrap, is an excellent tool for anyone who works with 3D photo scans data or any large set of similar objects like human scans. Wrap makes it possible to take an existing base mesh and non-rigidly fit it to each and every scan, which is exactly what Jay teaches you next.

Tidying Up Your Wrap

In part 3 of this exciting mini-series, Jay shows you how to use the Brush Node inside R3DS Wrap to clean up your wrap, and preserve or bring back any geometry you may have lost from your genesis 8 base character during the previous step.

This video is full of Jay’s tips and tricks for getting the best results, so be sure to check it out!

Creating the Final Morph in Daz Studio

Now that your body scan is properly wrapped around the Genesis 8 base model, and you have tidied up all the rough edges, you are ready to import it back into Daz Studio and create the final morph.

The cool thing about this step is that it applies to any model, not just body scans like you’ve learned about in previous episodes. This process works for models created in any other program like Blender, 3DS Max, and more.

Enjoy the final segment of this series!

Expand Your Knowledge with 3D.SK

All in all, we hope you have walked away from this tutorial series with a better knowledge of Daz Studio, and also how to use it in conjunction with other professional tools and resources to expand your knowledge and capabilities. offers a collection of professionally-curated tutorials, reference images, and scans to help empower your creativity. We hope you will check them out and give some of their resources a try with the coupon code: DAZ&3Dsk. Visit their website and expand your knowledge with today!

Until next time, happy creating, and thanks for joining us and Jay in this informative mini-series.

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