How to Score Free 3D Models With Daz Studio

Everybody likes free things, but ‘free’ is especially important if you’re trying to make original 3D artwork on a budget. Daz 3D offers you lots of options to score totally free 3D models to use in Daz Studio (which, by the way, is also free):

  1. Grab Daz 3D’s Weekly Freebies

    Go to Daz 3D’s Weekly Freebies to explore our current free 3D Models and other Content. Check often to make sure you don’t miss anything, and grab everything you can — it’s free!

  2. Get more than just the Starter Essentials…

    Daz 3D’s Product Library offers tons more than Genesis 8 Starter Essentials, which auto-loads with Daz Studio. The Product Library is full of free products and includes everything that you need to make a complete scene for free — a free environment, free 3D hair, free props, free clothing, free morphing and poses, all of which can be added to the Genesis 8 3D Model (that you get, for, yes, free).

  3. Explore past Daz 3D

    Many additional websites offer Daz-compatible content for free. Some of our favorites are ShareCG, Extend3D, and 3DModelFree. You may notice that most freebies offered on these sites aren’t quite the quality you’d expect from the Daz Shop, but you can still find high quality or quirky free 3D content with a little digging.

  4. Get PoseRay to convert Freebies

    PoseRay is a free software that converts 3D models into .obj file format so they can be used in conjunction with Daz Studio. If you are working with another art software (such as Maya), most have capabilities to convert 3D assets to .obj or other universal file formats.

  5. Follow the Freebies Subforum

    The Daz Forum has an entire section devoted to Free 3D Content. The Freebies section catalogues lists of free sites, but also has individual threads where artists, users, and bargain hunters everywhere post, swap, and request new free 3D content daily. Yes, request — and then friendly Daz users help you find free content you’re looking for!

  6. Keep an eye on your favorite PA

    Some PAs will offer modifications such as Add-Ons, Presets, or Options for existing characters for free on the Freebies Subforum. Occasionally prolific or well-known (read: awesome) PAs offer freebies on their own websites or online portfolios.

These are only a few ways to get free 3D models, but getting creative with file conversions or your own personal searches opens the possibilities even further. Daz recommends you check our Weekly Freebies often, because our Free 3D Models and other items rotate quickly, and with Daz 3D you always get the quality you expect.

    • The Product Library is for content that you already have (Free 3D models that come with Daz Studio and any content you may have bought). To get more Freebies, check out our Freebies Page, then ‘buy’ the content. Don’t worry — the total will be 0.00, or, free :).

  • Joanna Ward says:

    I’ve relied heavily on Daz freebies. I’ve also bought plenty, but the freebies are awesome. They are the cornerstone of my Daz content. Also, I check the shop everyday as there are unexpected freebies like the Grimes make your own video bundle. You never know what will pop up for free. Thank you all for your hard work!

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