Where to Get 3D Models for Games, Videos, and CAD for Free

There are a lot of options for finding 3D models to be used in your current project, but what if you’re on a very limited budget (especially if you’re a beginner)? Whether you are working on a game, video content, or CAD printing, knowing where to get 3D models for free can really help your bottom line stay on track. 

Daz 3D wants to make 3D available to everyone, so we’ve made a list tGrabCAD Community: There are nearly 4.5 million free CAD files on this site, so no matter what you’re looking for, chances are very high that they’ll have it.o steer you in the right direction for finding exactly what you need. Then once you’ve found the 3D models you want, use them in Daz Studio (also free) to get the beautiful, high-quality results your project requires. 

Where to Get 3D Models for Games and Video Content

To get free 3D models for creating games or video, be sure to check out these resources:

  • Daz 3D Weekly Freebies: This is the place to go for current content, but check back often! Available 3D models come and go frequently, so take the opportunity in front of you and build up your collection fast.
  • Daz 3D Product Library: Yes, there is paid content here, but the library is also full of amazing free products. In fact, you’re able to get everything you need for a complete scene, including an environment, props, morphing, poses, and more.
  • Daz Forum Freebies Section: Here you can share your self-created freebie, as well as explore those created and shared by others. This section also acts as a catalog for artists and users to post, swap, and request free 3D models and other content.
  • PoseRay: While this isn’t a free 3D model site, this free software does give the ability to convert 3D assets into an .obj file format for use in Daz Studio.

Where to Get 3D Models for CAD

If you work in CAD and are wondering where to get 3D models, we suggest the following free resources:

  • GrabCAD Community: There are nearly 4.5 million free CAD files on this site, so no matter what you’re looking for, chances are very high that they’ll have it.
  • 3dsky: Building renderings, flooring, textures, furniture, and accessories are all here to be used for home and office design.
  • Autodesk Online Gallery: Professional designers showcase their latest projects here, and many of them offer free access to their 3D files (the quality varies).
  • MakerBot Thingiverse: The thriving community here uploads a curated collection of 3D models in a variety of categories and levels of complexity.
  • NASA 3D Resources: Here you’ll find 3D models, textures, images, and visualizations all from the team at NASA. 

How to Get the Quality You Expect

When it comes to finding where to get 3D models, remember that not all resources are created equally. Some have a huge backlog of offerings, but it can take ages to sort through the many low-quality 3D content in search of something that meets your needs or standards. That’s why whether you are searching for background environments or 3D closeups for games and videos, you can’t go wrong with Daz 3D. Here, you’ll always get the quality you expect. 

Don’t forget to regularly check our weekly freebies page!

    • The Product Library is for content that you already have (Free 3D models that come with Daz Studio and any content you may have bought). To get more Freebies, check out our Freebies Page, then ‘buy’ the content. Don’t worry — the total will be 0.00, or, free :).

  • Joanna Ward says:

    I’ve relied heavily on Daz freebies. I’ve also bought plenty, but the freebies are awesome. They are the cornerstone of my Daz content. Also, I check the shop everyday as there are unexpected freebies like the Grimes make your own video bundle. You never know what will pop up for free. Thank you all for your hard work!

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