How to get the most out of the Semi-Annual Platinum Club+ Sale


How to get the most out of the Semi-Annual Platinum Club+ Sale
It’s that time again — the Semi-Annual Platinum Club+ Sale is here. We’re going to cover everything you need to know to get the best deals out there.If you’re newer to Daz or not a Platinum Club+ Member, don’t worry — you can still score some pretty good deals, too, including a discount on the PC+ Membership. At a 40% discount, this exclusive membership is probably worth picking up, because it’ll pay for itself during this month-long sale!

More Ways to Save with the PC+ Sale

Daily DealsThe PC+ Sale has Special Offers that change daily. These will include discounts on Gift Cards (so you can save while you save), BOGO offers, Free Character offers, and plenty else, but they also change daily, so you’ll want to check in often to see each day’s different deals.

PC+ Members enjoy special perks that last all month long. As a PC+ Member, you get 45% OFF all Daz Originals instead of the usual 30%, plus you get an EXTRA 15% OFF Debut New and Still New Releases.

If you’re still not a PC+ Member, now might be the right time to become one! PC+ Memberships are 40% OFF all month, and you’ll get 2 extra Freebies per week. If you want to see how the discounts stack up for our members, add a PC+ Membership to your cart to see the discounts pile up.

Weekly Freebies

PC+ Members get two extra Freebies a week.
Non-members can get these awesome items for free with the purchase of any Debut New or Still New Release.

Bundles at a Bargain

The Anniversary Bundle is a great way to scoop up awesome content at a serious bargain. These Bundles, which change often throughout the sale, come with tons of diverse premium content for your library like Characters, Props, Environments, and Addons, Oh My! At $5.99 for PC+ Members (or $29.95 for non-PC+), your library will thank you for all your new 3D figures.

With Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB), you get to select the content that you want at a steep discount. PC+ Members get to choose any 8 Items for $1.99, and if you haven’t yet taken the plunge, you still get those items for 70% OFF.

Your Favorite Featured Artists, Half Off

Featured Artist Stores will be 50% OFF all month long, or 55% OFF if you’re a PC+ Member or buy any Debut New or Still New Release. If you have a Daz Artist you know you love, make sure you check the page so you don’t miss the chance to get their items for less than half of what they usually cost.

3D Content You Won’t Want to Miss

Debut New Releases

These are the Newest Releases to the PC+ Sale, hot off the press.

Still New Releases

Like when you get still-warm pastries from the bakery.

Weekly Freebies

Bi-weekly, and awesome.

Anniversary Flashback Bundles

Perfect to build out your library with tons of high quality content like characters, props, environments, and addons at a (very) low price.

Build Your Own Bundle

In case you fancy yourself a Bundlemaker, select your favorite 8 items and get them at a bargain.

Platinum Club for a Day

Rotating unique content that’s priced a little too well to ignore.

Daily Specials

Might be the perfect time to pick up a Pro Bundle for 50-65% OFF?

Friends of the Sale

Your friends, our friends — Daz Artists are everybody 3D’s friends…

One last pro tip for this year’s PC+ Sale
if you see something you know you’ll think about later on, pick it up today, because it might not be there tomorrow! And just in case you haven’t yet, make sure to snag a PC+ Membership at an outrageous discount to save even more on amazing 3D content. By the month’s end, you’ll be glad you did for the Annual Platinum Club+ Sale!

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