Expanding Our Daz 3D Asset and Tutorial Catalog in a Partnership with FlippedNormals

From the very inception of Daz Studio and the Daz Marketplace, it has always been our goal to remove the barriers in front of making high-quality digital art. We want to make 3D creation easy, fun, and more accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, we pride ourselves on having something for you.

Over the years, Daz 3D has fostered an amazing community of artists and creators who collectively generate over 20 million images annually. That is impressive! The amazing thing is despite the strength of our community, there are still numerous opportunities to grow and improve. That is why we were open and excited for the chance to work with the highly-curated CG marketplace FlippedNormals. You may be wondering what exactly this new partnership will entail and how it will affect you as a Daz user.


Meet FlippedNormals

If you aren’t familiar with this platform, FlippedNormals is a 3D and CG marketplace. The website first started as a learning source for 3D creation. Over time their platform has evolved into an asset store and tutorial and learning material hub. They offer carefully selected and curated assets, making the quality of what they offer top of the line.

So, we have decided to partner together! Over the remaining months of 2021, we will be releasing selected FlippedNormals’ assets and learning tutorials on the Daz Marketplace. In addition, FlippedNormals will be featuring Daz 3D content, starting with Daz Originals from our own published artists on their platform as well. You can check out the all-new FlippedNormal content we have released to date here. You will find awesome tutorial content on popular programs like Substance Painter, Blender 2.8, and ZBrush.

What this Means for You

“This is an excellent opportunity for our creators to sharpen their skills and expand their audiences as they leverage these amazing educational tutorials and materials,” said Ty Duperron, Chief Operating Officer of Daz 3D.

We see this benefiting our users in a lot of ways. First, users of Daz Studio will find tons of new high-quality assets being offered on the marketplace as we integrate FlippedNormals offerings into the mix of assets created by our own published artists.

Second, the learning and video materials offered by FlippedNormals are among the best on the market. Offering them to Daz users will make them more easily accessible to our user base. This is a great opportunity to learn from some of the best artists in the industry and improve your skills.

Third, with the offering of Daz assets on the FlippedNormals marketplace, our published artists will eventually have even more opportunities to boost their earnings and reach their own audience. Having items that qualify to be sold on the FlippedNormals marketplace will greatly boost their ability to make more.

“One of our key goals is to enable customers and creators to work together,” said Henning Sanden of FlippedNormals. “This partnership will expand our customers’ ability to find world-class products and training. For our creators, their 3D models will be seen by an even larger number of artists in the industry, enabling them to reach a whole new audience. We’re excited to grow and partner with Daz 3D.” We couldn’t have said it any better!


New to Daz 3D? Try Daz Studio for Free

For those of you who are curious as to what Daz 3D is all about, try out our totally free program Daz Studio. Daz Studio is an intuitive, powerful platform that simplifies the creation of 3D characters and scenes with our morphable and customizable assets. Lifelike and realistic results can be as easy as drag, drop, and click! Our marketplace has seamless integration into the platform allowing you to find new characters, accessories, hair, clothing, backgrounds, props, and more. We also have a number of powerful bridges which enable you to easily export your Daz characters to other platforms.

If you are interested in becoming a published Daz artist, you can find more information about the process here. We have great royalties and a massive community of users who rely on marketplace assets every day for their renders, prototypes, and digital art needs. If you think you have what it takes to turn your skills into a business or side hustle, we’d love to have you join our ranks!

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