Digital Humans are Here to Stay: RUBY 9100M & Non-Fungible People

RUBY 9100M Non-Fungible People Featured

Shaping the Future of the Metaverse

Since her digital inception in Daz Studio, RUBY 9100M has risen to prominence for her collaborations with fashion brands like Adidas, FENDI, and Nike. Represented by digital culture agency CLUB MEDIA, she has been featured in publications such as Vice, Madame Figaro, and Vogue, and boasts 80K+ followers on Instagram. Now, RUBY is teaming up with Daz 3D to promote our debut NFT collection, Non-Fungible People (NFP), a generative NFT collection of 8,888 unique women and non-binary 3D avatars.

“When I first heard that Daz 3D was launching the Non-Fungible People project, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.” said RUBY 9100M. “Not only is the artwork in the collection stunning, but its message of inclusiveness is one that wholly resonates with me. I’m proud to partner with Daz 3D on its debut NFT collection of women and non-binary avatars.”

RUBY’s own avatar has already been minted as an NFT, demonstrating what can be achieved in the metaverse when 3D avatar tech is backed by the uniqueness the blockchain offers. RUBY 9100M is evidence that alter-personas and digital avatars like NFP will play a major role in the realization of the metaverse. Daz 3D believes the NFP collection will help pave the way for this vision to become a reality.

“RUBY 9100M represents the personification of what we wanted to achieve when we started working on this collection,” said Morgan Milovich, Partnership Manager for NFP. “We believe that in the metaverse, by leveraging technology like we’re offering with these NFTs, people will finally be able to safely and confidently express their truest selves via their assumed digital avatar.”

In praise for RUBY 9100M and the work she has done raising awareness surrounding diversity in digital fashion and in online spaces like the rising metaverse, Daz 3D will be presenting her with an honorary NFP-style NFT. Follow RUBY 9100M on Instagram to catch the NFT reveal and more from this incredible trans-human virtual fashion icon!

Learn more about Daz 3D’s debut NFT collection, Non-Fungible People, on the Official NFP Website.

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