Daz Supports OutRight Action International and #Pride With A Purpose

NFP and OutRight

This June marks OutRight Action International’s third Pride With A Purpose campaign. This campaign represents an opportunity to commemorate the history of Pride, and celebrate all the progress we’ve made in the recognition of the rights of LGBTIQ people, while also highlighting the immense challenges that still face people all around the world.

Daz 3D is proud to support OutRight Action International. On behalf of Daz 3D and the entire Non-Fungible People community, our debut NFT collection of 8,888 female, female-identifying, and non-binary avatars, we are proud to make a donation to show our support for this important organization.

OutRight’s Important Work

Pride is one of the most visible symbols of the LGBTIQ movement for equality. OutRight Action International is dedicated to not only celebrating progress, but also affirming the existence of LGBTIQ people around the world, and recognition of their basic rights.

All around the world, the LGBTIQ+ movement has been growing and leading to amazing breakthroughs that benefit the lives and rights of countless people. For example, at least 15 countries have decriminalized homosexuality in the last ten years, and since 2001, 30 countries have codified marriage equality at the national level, the majority since 2015.

Organizations like OutRight and its local partners in dozens of countries around the world are stepping up and giving voice to community members who are targeted by acts of discrimination and violence. While there are many victories to celebrate, there is still a lot of work to do.

OutRight and Web3

OutRight has already done some amazing work through their web3 partnerships. In fact, NFTs and crypto philanthropy are helping fuel their vision of radically accelerating social and legal change for LGBTIQ people worldwide.

They’ve partnered with some amazing collections and crypto platforms like The Giving Block and Endaoment, which allow charitable donations of cryptocurrency. They’ve also collaborated with a number of projects, communities, and artists, including Not Your Bro, UkraineDAO, RELI3F, HUG, Hackatao, Art Blocks, and more.

Daz 3D and NFP are proud to join this lineup of amazing projects in lending support to OutRight Action International.

Daz Is Proud To Offer Our Support

Daz 3D is pleased to partner with OutRight Action International to promote the #PrideWithAPurpose Campaign. We are proud of NFP, which features female, female-identifying, and non-binary avatars, as part of its commitment to help make the metaverse an inclusive space. But we also know that we have the opportunity to do even more for the community, and that’s why we’re partnering with OutRight Action International.

Together with Outright Action, we’re joining millions of people around the world to celebrate the history of Pride, recognize the progress made in LGBTIQ rights, and promote the values of equality and inclusion for all.

Katie Hultquist, Director of Leadership Giving for OutRight Action International, shared: “It’s terrific to see Daz and Non-Fungible People and their community rally to support human rights for LGBTIQ people around the world and in the metaverse. We can only keep moving forward to secure freedom and equality for all LGBTIQ people by working with partners who believe in these goals and are willing to join us. OutRight is very grateful for their support during our #PrideWithAPurpose campaign.”

What You Can Do To Help

We can all show our support in different ways, both as community members and allies. All around the world countries are now home to Pride events. Supporting these events is just the beginning. With the help of organizations like OutRight, marginalized members of the community can get the help, funding, and support they need. These organizations help provide many with the voice they need to stand up for their rights. When possible, every donation to these organizations helps them continue to perform this important mission and fight for social justice and change around the world.

To learn more about OutRight Action International and learn how you can help, visit their Pride With A Purpose website.

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