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MetaMixer for Daz Studio

The latest update for Daz Studio adds compatibility with an exciting new tool called MetaMixer. This tool allows you to create unique faces with a blend of features from previous character releases via a collection of add-ons for MetaMixer. Ready for next-level character customization with Daz? Let’s dive in. 

What is MetaMixer?

MetaMixer is a robust tool that empowers you to effortlessly blend and perfect character features with pinpoint accuracy in real-time, all with an easy-to-use viewport UI. 

Craft your unique look with a targeted blend of several areas of the face like the nose, eyes, inner lips, outer brow, and so on. Hundreds of controls cover the entire area of the face and neck, allowing near-endless customization. You’ll also have the option to combine HD details of different characters in the same way. 

Simply apply a MetaMixer add-on to slots A, B, and C to begin blending features between compatible characters and HD morphs. The resulting characters can be saved as custom MetaMixer presets. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be creating your own unique characters in minutes. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the functionality available to you when using MetaMixer: 

Get Started with the MetaMixer Toolkit

The MetaMixer Toolkit comes with everything you need to begin using MetaMixer in Daz Studio, including the base MetaMixer tool and 4 add-ons to get you started. While owning a base character will always be the best way to benefit from full-body features, MetaMixer Add-Ons allow you to use that character’s head shape in MetaMixer whether or not the character is in your library. 

This toolkit includes 4 add-ons to get you started:

  • Holt 8 Add-On for MetaMixer
  • The Brute 8 Add-On for MetaMixer
  • Nida 8 Add-On for MetaMixer
  • Twosret 8 Add-On for MetaMixer

We’ll be releasing even more MetaMixer add-ons and select HD add-ons with MetaMixer compatibility soon, so keep an eye out! 

Free for Daz+ Members

The MetaMixer Toolkit is now available for just $9.95 in the Daz Store, or FREE for Daz+ Members. Download the latest version of Daz Studio and unlock next-level character customization with the MetaMixer Toolkit today! 

  • Hi, how are you, I hope you are safe and well.
    Congratulations on the effort and the new tool.
    There is the possibility of adding a reference photo in the future.
    on the Daz Studio desktop, for a creation of
    images created in Artbreeder for example?


    • Great question. For now, MetaMixer will only support specific add-ons for MetaMixer. These will be based on existing characters within the Daz store. Keep an eye out for more MetaMixer add-ons coming soon!

  • Will we be able to use characters we have previously purchased with MetaMixer or will we have to purchase add-ons for characters we already own.

    • Great question! MetaMixer will only work with MetaMixer-compatible add-ons, and base characters do not include the necessary MetaMixer shaping presets. These MetaMixer add-ons are sold separately. However, select HD add-ons have been updated to include MetaMixer shaping presets featuring that character’s HD details.

  • CyberSorcerer says:

    I already have the “200 Plus Head and Face Morph” add-on. MetaMixer looks like it wouldn’t really be much of an added benefit to me?

    • MetaMixer focuses on easy character customization and streamlines the blending of compatible character add-ons and HD details with a simple yet powerful UI. However, you may prefer to stick to your current setup, and that’s all good too. If you’re a Daz+ Member, you can get the MetaMixer Toolkit for free to give it a try. This starter pack includes the MetaMixer tool and 4 MetaMixer add-ons to explore its functionality.

      You can check it out here: MetaMixer Toolkit

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