Daz Celebrates and Supports International Women’s Day

In March 2021, we hosted a render contest in support of International Women’s Day (IWD) with a donation from sales going towards Catalyst, a global nonprofit organization accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion. 

Catalyst recognizes that progress for women is progress for everyone, working with CEOs and leading companies across the world to help build workplaces that work for women — driving change through pioneering research, practical tools, and proven solutions to accelerate and advance women into leadership positions.

More Renders, More Talented Female Artists

For this contest, participants were asked to create a new static render or animation that relates to International Women’s Day showcasing the strength and empowerment of women-identifying people. With the objective to donate proceeds of our featured IWD Daz female figures, we donated thousands to Catalyst at the end of the contest. 

Thank you to everyone that participated! We saw twice as many submissions for this contest than our previous Movember contest, as well as a significant increase in female artists, and our judges struggled to choose the winners from so many talented 3D artists. It means a lot to have our community working with us to support causes that we care about while creating and elevating 3D art! 

Check out the winners below!

Top Winners:

a woman looking off to the side with a bird perched on her shoulder
1st Place by Eli Thurston
a woman with golden hair and makeup looking upward
2nd Place by Gail Edwards
an angelic woman floats amid golden clouds
3rd Place by Sneha Astles


a woman in a uniform with a cut on her cheek
Render by Sevastopol
a woman figurine still in packaging that features different pieces for different professions
Render by Hypertaf
a woman in a crowd with her fist raised in the air
Render by te.een

Honorable Mentions:

several women of different backgrounds stand together with arms outstretched
Render by RogueKoii
a group of women pose together in front of a golden background
Render by jon.targ.79
an aged woman wearing safety goggles crosses her arms while standing in front of a large mechanical piece
Render by Masayasu

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