Daz Bridges — an Open Source Project

Build, collaborate, and customize with Open code for Daz Bridges

The Daz Bridges Project

Daz 3D helps you to create your artistic vision without worrying about the complex and technical issues most 3D platforms come with, and Daz provides the most functional and expansive 3D character system to make it easy for 3D hobbyists, designers and artists alike to make their own custom characters. But sometimes Daz Studio isn’t where artists prefer to work — if you’re already working on a film or game elsewhere, want to continue to build on top of your own modeling skills, or are just more comfortable with other software or render engines, Daz Bridges were made for you, so you can use amazing 3D content where you work best.

What is Open Source?

Open Source software is a type of computer software that is released alongside its source code. This allows users to use, study, modify and customize the source code according to their needs, interests, or project-specific requirements. Past letting users tailor the source code to make it work for them, Open Source also helps developers to make lots of improvements quickly, with feedback and help from users everywhere.

Why we Opened Daz Bridges for Everyone

We’ve seen a lot of plugins and other projects, both open and closed source, focused around bringing Daz content to other applications. We recognized that in order to bring our content to as many platforms as possible, we need to offer Daz-official transfer methods that also allow the community to consolidate their efforts. That’s why Daz has embraced the Open Source philosophy of Openness, Collaboration, and Flexibility with Daz Bridges. This way, our Bridges are transparent, continually customizable and buildable, and will allow Daz users and 3D artists everywhere to use our photo-realistic and functional 3D content, no matter where they work.

Behind our Open Source Philosophy


The heart of Open Source is the ‘open’ nature of the code. Because every user is able to view and use the source code, you know exactly what your computer is running and how it’s accomplishing this task. Our Open platform, including a permissive license, allows for the opportunity to collaborate with the community to improve and expand on the software, consolidating our effort with individuals around a single project. This also provides a framework on how to continue to support new software and begin supporting other platforms to make Daz content even more accessible.


There are lots of different 3D softwares out there, and popularity for each rises and falls over time. Regardless of how talented our developers are, the Daz community and other 3D communities together have a truly astounding amount of knowledge and capability. By collaborating with those communities and integrating contributions from talented 3D designers and enthusiasts, we’ll be able to take these plugins farther and faster, and make sure these Bridges work for you as best they can.

Want a feature that isn’t implemented? Want to embed the code in your own project so you can use it to more easily bring Daz content to other places? Go for it! These bridges are completely open and free to use anyway you wish to use them. Take the code and improve it to work with your own custom figures, expand on it to support something that isn’t currently available, or embed it in other software packages. This code is for you to use according to your needs, and in the way that it will work best for you.

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