Daz 3D’s Content Can Now Be Used in Other 3D Softwares with Launch of Plugins and Native File Formats

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, July 23, 2020 — Daz 3D, a 3D digital marketplace and software company, announced the launch of four 3D data bridges allowing users to port content from Daz Studio, Daz’s free 3D software, into Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and 3ds Max. Additionally, Daz announced users can now purchase native file formats compatible with these four 3D softwares, so 3D artists can take select content from one of the largest 3D content marketplaces and use it in their preferred software.

“This launch is an invaluable resource for 3D artists,” said Ty Duperron, COO of Daz 3D. “By releasing select products with multiple file formats, any 3D user can utilize Daz content in their software of choice without having to learn a new program, and artists familiar with Daz can now work between softwares with our content bridges. These new features were important for us as a company to help make the 3D modeling process and our 3D content more accessible.”

Daz’s unique marketplace allows hundreds of thousands of monthly active users to access high-quality, morph-able and pose-able human models, as well as compatible clothing, vehicles, and environments. As the top 3D character system, with a diverse library of studio quality products, Daz’s figures are used in creative and commercial artwork from hobbyists and full time designers to game developers and film production designers.

“Daz Studio is my software of choice for character development,” said Ron Mendell, a veteran Hollywood production designer that has worked on many blockbuster films, including the upcoming Top Gun sequel, using Daz’s content and software. “If I’m creating an ergonomic prop for a superhero or populating a set model for a pirate siege, using Daz products allows me to move quickly from concept to final presentation all while sharing cad data with other team members throughout the Art Department.”

Given the wide and varied use of Daz content, Daz wanted to ensure any 3D artist could utilize Daz’s superior content, regardless of their software preference. With this in mind, Daz sought to find a solution so 3D artists could take their 3D library anywhere they create.

While 3D art and animation have been steadily increasing in popularity, new users have grown exponentially during a time period finding people inside with more time to learn new skills and explore
new creative outlets. As interest in 3D art has surged, Daz has continued to enhance their technological offerings in support of the growth and cultivation of artist communities.

“Our biggest value that inspires all of our work at Daz is to enable creativity so artists and designers can create with ease,” said Stephanie O’Farrell, VP of Marketing at Daz 3D. “Whether you’re new to 3D or a seasoned artist, 3D modeling should be fun and be the ultimate tool to fully represent your creative vision.”

“We’ve been aware of the growing interest in 3D art and have seen that interest skyrocket in recent months,” said Matt Wilburn, President of Daz 3D. “It was important to us that we give both existing Daz users and users of other 3D platforms a more universal way to engage with our software and content.”

Introducing technological solutions for users of other 3D softwares to port content into their preferred software will provide a quick and easy outlet for artists, designers, and illustrators to create and transfer highly customizable 3D models. This can also present financial opportunities for artists to monetize their 3D models, as Daz provides the opportunity for 3D artists to sell their original work in Daz’s marketplace, with over a million page views a month and millions of dollars paid to its international network of contributing artists.

To learn more, download Studio for free and use the Daz bridge of your choice, or get Daz content for your software of choice visit http://www.daz3d.com.

About Daz 3D
Daz 3D is a 3D marketplace and free software suite with content that can go anywhere so 3D artists and designers can create their own high-resolution 3D stills and animations while building professional quality 3D scenes. Founded in 2000, Daz 3D’s digital marketplace offers hobbyists and professionals tens of thousands of 3D products with over five million inter-compatible 3D assets for Daz Studio and other 3D applications. Daz 3D has created the most artist-friendly digital marketplace, paying nearly $100 million to its global network of contributing artists. Users of Daz Studio create more than 20 million images and animations annually using Daz 3D products. With over 3 million downloads, Daz continues to drive efforts at the forefront of digital identity and expression.

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